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When I was ordering from Colourpop the first time, I only got one Lippie Stix and it became an instant favourite. I literally mean instant because the moment it touched my lips, it became my favourite formula ever. When another free shipping offer came along I was also one of the sheeple who placed an order at Colourpop, but this one I only got Lippie Stixes. I got two in Matte X formula (like Cami) and two in Matte. It just confirmed to me that Matte X is a brilliant formula and I wish they had more shades that would appeal to me, but Matte was a bit of a let-down. I've already reviewed Cami and you can find reviews of liquid lipsticks there too. 

Since Matte X has been reviewed already, I'll be short here - it's incredibly pigmented, you barely touch your lips and you get enough colour. It's super light, like you have nothing on and it has a perfect matte finish, the best out of all regular lipsticks I found. It also lasts well on my lips and isn't drying. Aside from Cami, Matte X finish are also Mirror Mirror and Trust Me…

Matte formula is thicker, waxier and much more like classic lipsticks. It's also not really matte, instead it's more of a satin finish. They aren't nearly as pleasant to apply as Matte X, but these are still nice, they just aren't that special. Staying power differs between the two shades. It's not impressive at Lumiere, though I get an average wear time, but LBB is a stainer and it lasts for days as a stain on the dry parts of the lips no matter how you hard try to remove it.

Cami (Matte X)

The one that made me fall in love with Lippie Stix, Cami is a stunning muted rosy brownish shade that just looks perfect and has a fantastic matte finish.


I had high hopes for Lumiére and also my doubts, but I never expected it to be so boring on me. It's a more mauve, pinker and cooler sister of Cami, which is actually very close to my natural lip colour and it just doesn't look special enough on me. But it is very easy to wear and goes with everything.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror Mirror is not really what I expected based on swatches, though I've seen it look both cool and warm on swatches. I'm one of those on whom it looks more cool, or cool-neutral and it's a nice medium pink/magenta shade. The formula is the same fantastic one as at Cami, so I just adore applying it. It's Lippie Stix equivalent of Ultra Matte liquid lipstick in Bad Habit.

 Trust me… 

Trust me… is another Matte X shade and it's a Ruby Woo type of bright, warm-neutral red. I wanted something that would be similar to L'Oreal's Blake, but this is brighter and warm. The matte finish is perfect.


I got this one because I had high hopes it's similar to Mac's Dangerous and Ultra Matte More Better, also I had hopes Matte finish is much like Matte X, but they are actually not that close. LBB is a deep pink purple shade that's closer to true purple. It's similar to Mac's Rebel's if you mixed some More Better in it. Like More Better and also a lot of similar shades from other brands, it stains a lot and it's very difficult to remove it fully.

 Ultra Satin  London Fog

I got this one as a gift with purchase and I can't believe I didn't notice it when I was researching shades for my first order. It's a beautiful pink-red, one of those type of shades I love so much. It's a satin finish, which are more comfortable than Ultra Matte, but since I lips aren't sensitive, I didn't notice the difference. It dries matte, but it didn't feel uncomfortable to me, it does have one fault which is the same as at More Better, meaning it's prone to transferring.

 Comparison swatches

I'm including a few comparisons just like in the last post. The closest thing I have to London Fog is Sephora's Lip Stain 03 Strawberry Kissed, which is a warmer, more coral leaning version of the pink red. I don't have anything truly similar to Lumiere, so I swatched it next to Sephora's 13 Marvelous Mauve which was closest. I tried to get my Mac Ruby Woo sample to cooperate, but it's unfortunately too dry, still it's the closest I have to Trust Me. LBB is as I said in the description above, closest to Mac's Rebel (or WnW Sugar Plum Fairy), but a bit more pink. I have nothing similar to Mirror Mirror.

Have a great day!
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