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There's two types of Atomic Red lipsticks, one is a regular line (with 14 shades) and the other which consists of mat shades (7) is called Atomic Red Mat. The testers were a mess, the numbers were mixed up, some of the shades were missing, some had a different packaging, just really confusing. The only mat shade there was 09, but I have an older picture of mat shade 12, which is I believe a LE. The only shade that appeals to my taste is 09 (from the regular line, 2nd pic), it's a nice light to medium pink with a cream finish. 08 would be gorgeous, if it weren't frosty, but with all that frost it looks a bit cheap. I never owned a Deborah lipstick, but I am tempted to try 09 out. 12 (regular line) also looks nice. 01, 02 and 09 (mat) simply horrify me.

I hope these swatches are helpful.

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