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I'll start by saying that this is one of my favourite nail polishes I've bought in the past few months, not just because of the colour, but also because of the formula. I have a thing for opaque nude nail polishes and this is one of the most beautiful as well as best performing ones. 

It's a nude with a rose-violet-taupe tone and I just love it on my nails. It's close to my skin tone, but those cool hues keep it from looking like mannequin fingers. If I compare it to Essie's Spin the Bottle, this is a cooler and darker shade of nude, while Essence's Candy Love is a lot lighter, brighter and warmer.

The formula is so smooth, especially for a nude nail polish and it feels like such a nice quality. It performs so much better than Essences Candy Love because, even though both formulas are thick, as I said before it's smoother and therefore a lot less streaky.  I apply two coats for that perfect, even finish. This nail polish is super shiny. Seriously, the shine lasted all week and usually on my nails the shine disappears very quickly (I don't know why). The brush is one of those great wide ones and it performs great.

This is just a top performer to me and I know I will wear it a lot. I'm really interested in the rest of the range as I find most colours really pretty.

I got mine in DM for 5.59 €.

 Have a great day!
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