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I've had these nail polishes for quite a while now. I got them to review for another website where you may have already seen my swatches (post is in Slovene) and I didn't plan on posting them here as well, but it can't hurt if I do, after all these have a pretty damn good formula. There first one in the row, 01 Pink Fusion, is the one I got myself about a year ago and it's one of my favourite nail polishes ever. I already have a review for it, but I'll repost the swatches here as well. The other four new colours I have, which were released this year, are 49 Peonia Pink, 52 Starlette Violet, 54 Amaranto and 58 Delhi Curry. I'll admit these are not the colours I would have chosen for myself, maybe just Amaranto, but the rest aren't really me, however that not what's important at this review. A few more colours were added, but I haven't seen them in person yet. 

I wrote about the formula in my review of 01 Pink Pulse, but it's a gel formula, so super smooth, fully opaque and very shiny. These are excellent quality nail polishes and there is a reason why I rave so much about shade 01 (it's also the most "borrowed" nail polish in my collection by other people). 

01 Pink Fusion

01 Pink Fusion is one of the original colours and one of my favourite ever shades. It's a nude with a rose-violet-taupe tone and I just love it on my nails. It's close to my skin tone, but those cool hues keep it from looking like mannequin fingers. It's a perfect nude on a skin tone that is around NC20-25 (Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation 010 Light Velvet). In terms of application, I think this one is the smoothest in the bunch.

49 Peonia Pink

49 Peonia Pink is a pastel Barbie/bubble gum pink with a cool undertone. Formula isn't as good as at the rest, it's less smooth, but considering it's a pastel, it's still nice. Two coats are needed for an even finish, on some nails even three.

52 Starlette Violet

52 Starlette Violet is a Milka chocolate violet. It really is the same shade as the Milka wrapper, so if you ever wanted such a shade, look no further. The formula is very smooth and pigmented, but it still needs two coats for an even finish.

54 Amaranto

54 Amaranto is a muted red-vine colour with a retro feel. It's another very pigmented and smooth nail polish, so if you're used to thick coats like me, one is enough, two if you need to fix anything, but despite that I always like to apply two, so it lasts longer. 

 58 Delhi Curry

58 Delhi Curry is an olive green shade that needs two coats for an even finish. It's probably my least favourite colour in my entire collection, but my preferences don't matter, I'm just showing you the shade. 

These cost 5.75 € on Click2Chic and I think they are a couple of cents more expensive in DM's. I don't know if you can get these online with international shipping.

Have a great day!
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