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Christmas lights, glitter, red lips and cocoa with cinnamon - that's what December is all about to me. I so enjoyed doing my Autumn Picks post, so I'm doing another similar one inspired by the holiday season.

CATRICE Ultimate Colour 350 MATTador
Even if you're not a red lipstick girl, the holiday season beckons for some ruby red on the lips. MATTador is a warm toned red with a creamy-matte finish. 

To make it a bit different, MATTraction is not a classic red, but a deep rose-pink-red shade that is super pretty on the lips and it's a fun colour, but at the same time very glamorous.

L'OREAL Color Riché Pure Reds Collection Exclusive Blake
An incredible ruby/cherry red with a blue undertone that is the most classic shade in my selection. The finish is matte and the formula just spectacular. Here is a comparison with Ruby Woo and Russian Red.

L'OREAL Color Riché Pure Reds Collection Exclusive Laetitia
The berry-burgundy season hasn't passed yet, so I can't let such a shade out of this selection. Laetitia is a proper deep red with some purples tones and it looks so striking on the lips.
Pure Reds are currently 25% cheaper in Müllers.

For more red lipsticks check my Swatch Gallery

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette 
Sin, Half Baked, Smog & Toasted
There is hardy a more appropriate palette for the season. The lovely shimmery finish of some shades looks very festive, but still every day appropriate, not to mention the slew of combinations and different looks that can be created with this palette. My personal favourites for this time of the year are shimmery light pink Sin, warm gold Half Baked, fantastic bronze Smog and medium cool pink Toasted. 

002 Hourglass Beige, 015 Flashback Silver, 021 Sahara Treasure, 024 Bronze Goddess and 033 Tender Caramel
I say go all out with shimmer on holidays and these have some of the best shimmery-metallic finish paired with excellent pigmentation. My absolute favourite in this whole bunch is Sahara Treasure, a shimmery medium brown-gold that looks über glam on the eyes. Other shades are a light gold Hourglass Beige, lavender-silver Flashback Silver, gorgeous green-gold Bronze Goddess and my newest addition- a taupe version of Sahara Treasure - Tender Caramel. 
All of these shades can still be found in DM and I was told that Tuš has them for 3 €. If you still can't find them, try Fragrance Direct or Salma.

CATRICE ViennART LE Baked Eyeshadow
C03 Lovely Lace
By far the best gold eyeshadow I've found so far for my pale skin tone as it doesn't look orange. It's a limited edition, so hurry up if you want it.

BARRY M Dazzle Dust Old Gold
No one talks about Dazzle Dusts anymore. If you're looking for super sparkly eyeshadows, look no further. Old Gold is a greenish gold with lots of shimmer. I like using this over other eyeshadows to give the look some extra sparkle.

MAC Patina
A neutral classic, but a nice way to wear some understated gold on the eyes. 

I actually knew this was discontinued before I decided what to include in this post, but it's so damn pretty it'd be a crime not to put it here. It's a proper gold shade that on me turns a bit orangey because of my skin tone, but it' gorgeous nonetheless and it's incredibly pigmented. 
I set upon finding more drugstore gold eyeshadows to mention here and I found it in Catrice's Absolute Mono Eyeshadow 420 Talk Like An Egyptian and L'Oreal L'Ombre Pure 500 Gold Mania (or Lumiere).

All of those shimmery eyeshadows will need a base and On and on Bronze is an excellent choice for the job. It's a nice neutral bronze shade with a metallic finish. Of course, you can just wear it on its own, as I have almost all December.

Two more liquid/cream eyeshadows with a metallic/shimmery finish that can be used on their own or as a base. Brazil's Sunset is a beige-gold, while UK's Stonehenge is a taupe cool toned brown.

To define those eyes some eyeliner on the top lash line always does the trick. Felt Tip eyeliners are super simple to use and this particular one has a very pigmented black and long lasting formula.

A copper gold eyeliner that costs just a pound. Bargain

I didn't know that this was discontinued, but it's one of the best gold eyeliners especially for the price. I searched for another similar gold eyeliner in our drugstores and found Catrice's Liquid Gold Gel Eye Pencil 030 You’re So Gold Fashioned!.

Stash is an interesting mix of gold and green, and it's dark enough to define the eyes, but still give it that something special. I love using this on my lower lash line and even in the waterline as it defines, but doesn't look as stark as black.

There is no better time to wear falsies and Demi Wispies are without a doubt some of the prettiest lashes I've ever seen. They are slightly tapered at the outer corner giving that elongated eye effect and don't overpower the eye makeup because they still look natural enough. Not to mention how comfortable they are to wear. To help you with the lash application, Catrice has a nifty Lash Applicator.

No matter what makeup you're wearing, this blush will work with it. It's such a gorgeous natural, slightly pinkish warm shade. I just adore it

ESSENCE Silky Blush 70 Kissable
It is the season for deeper blushes and this plum one fits the bill perfectly. It's super pigmented, therefore great if you have a medium skin tone and it also has gold shimmer that gives that glow to the cheeks.

NARS Blush Orgasm
The good old classic that suits pale skin tones so well (those with deeper skin tones go for Deep Throat). It's the quintessential peachy-pink shade with gold shimmer. You can't go wrong with it on any occasion.

Designed as a primer to give some extra subtle luminosity to the skin, it can be used under foundation, mixed with foundation or just on the highpoints of the face over makeup. I really love this because it's subtle, warm toned and feels super light.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Vivid Baked Highlighter 
Peach Lights
Though the name suggests a warm toned highlighter, the shimmer in it is actually cool pink. It's a baked highlighter that I find is still more on the subtle side, especially compared to the cream Essence one. Petra The Awesome (yes, that's how I renamed her) gave me this because it didn't suit her warm colouring, but it suits my neutral complexion very well. Here is her review.

A cream highlighter with a pink based shimmer and one that is similar to Benefit's High Beam. It's super glowy and very creamy, almost like it's melted when touched,  however, on the skin it feels kind of dry to the touch.

Highlighting pen brings some extra light to the face and helps hide dark circles as well as lifts the complexion. It's a subtle effect, but it does so much.

As if there isn't enough highlighting going on in this post, there is also this little gem. I use this as a setting powder and I swear it makes the foundation look so much better. There are some scary big glitter particles inside, but they don't translate on the face, however, what you're left with is a lovely, fresh complexion.

Why mess why the good old classic and not just wear the chic nude manicure. It should look particularly lovely if paired with some glitter either as an accent nail, ombre effect or just the simple all-over glitter effect. 
Though this shade was a part of a LE, there are still places where you can get them, but Maja did a nice post about nude nail polishes if you need more recommendations and I'm also adding Essence Candy Love (Katja's swatch) as well as Deborah Smalto Gel Effect 01 (Zlatana's swatch) as possible suggestions.

Though I have a soft spot for proper bright red shades (such as Essie's Really Red), I picked something deeper. I adore such shades because they look vampy, yet so glamorous on the nails.

MODELS OWN Diamond Luxe Heart Red
I swear this is the most Christmassy nail polish ever. It's a classic red with gold shimmer that looks like bright red shimmer once it's on the nails. My picture does not do it justice as the shimmer is much more visible in person under light.

MODELS OWN Disco Pants Copacabana
If dread the glitter removal from your nails, Copacabana is a simpler, but still a glamorous enough choice to wear on the nails. It's a complex mix of gold, silver and even some green with a frosty-metallic finish that gives quite a lovely effect on the nails

ESSENCE Metal Glam TE Topper Steel-ing the Scene
Basically any gold glitter topper could take the spot here and there are so many. I've seen one from L'Oreal, Essie (newest collection) as well as an Essence one from the one of the current TE's. Taya did a comparison of gold glitter toppers from Essence here.

My favourite glitter nail polish ever. It's like diamonds on the nails and looks phenomenally glamorous. There are many dupes for this nail polish, I know about at least two: Illamasqua Trilliant (Maja's swatch) and P2 Sand Style polish 070 Pretty (Polona's swatch)

Time for some serious shimmer and Catrice delivers with it's Luxury Lacquers. My choice is It's Showtime, a proper, glamourous silver that is just perfect for the season. If only the removal process weren't so laborious.

Does anyone else feel like this is the best nail polish choice for New Year's Eve? What better to wear on the nails while sipping champagne and watching the fireworks than a galaxy effect topper. Just wear it over black for best result.

The post need some more shimmer and this body oil contains just that. You can apply it on the skin or hair for a subtle gold glistening effect.

Though this is more like water than a cream, it does smells so good. It's a warm, sweet and yummy scent, basically just as it say on the bottle - honey and almond. Great scent for cold winter night.

The cutest bath bomb ever, little Chilly Willy snowman smells (roughly) like cinnamon and will brighten your bath pampering experience.

Luxury in a bottle - there is no better phrase to describe this. It smells divine and it's super nourishing which excellent for winter dry skin.

DIY Cinnamon Scrub
This is in one word yummy. I love the scent of cinnamon and this smells amazing. It's super easy to make: just combine sugar, olive oil (or whichever oil you prefer), cinnamon and I also add a bit of vanilla extract. It does make a mess in the shower, so make sure you use a shower gel to get any brown cinnamon traces off the skin, but works a treat. 

Festive Hair Accessories
What better way to decorate your updo with a sparkly hair accessory. Be it gold, silver or with rhinestones, anything goes for the holiday season. I went for glitter hair ties that I got form O'Twist (Tally Weijl also has a couple), sparkly hair bands and gold bobby pins (H&M). There are tons in shops that sell accessories, mine are mostly old from New Yorker, H&M and Tally Weijl, but check Asos and New Look for more. 

I don't think any other hair product screams Christmas as much as this one. It smells like cinnamon, clove and cookies, so it's a bit of an aromatherapy session while you take care of your hair.

A brilliant affordable shampoo for dry hair.

Not merely a light heat protectant and a serum-type of product in one, this also contains tiny shimmer that actually makes the hair more shiny, but not in a super obvious way.

Low Messy Bun Decorated with Jewellery
You can use a head band for this, but just wear it so it's on the back of your head. I used a necklace from New Yorker that I got a few months ago, so it might still be sold. Pin the necklace on the hair first because it's easier to hide the ends under the hair before all the twisting. Do a very, very loose fishtail braid using large chunks of hair and then twist it into a low bun. Use a lot of pins, so it will hold all day. I can't link you a tutorial to this, since it's of my design, but if you don't know how to do a fishtail braid, I learned from this video years ago.

Fishtail Halo Braid with a Glitter Head Band
If you're using an elastic band, lift and pin half of the hair up first, then put on the head band and unclip the top part of the hair, so it falls over and hides the lower part of the band. Then split the hair into two parts, left and right, and begin braiding the hair into fishtails. Since my hair is really long, I cross them in the back, but if your hair is shorter don't do that or they braids will be too short. Pin the braids in a way that hides the ends, so one under another. Tutorial by Miss Sue here.

Bouncy Voluminous Curly High Pony Tail with a Glitter Hair Tie
Curl the hair with a 2.5 cm barrel curler and brush out the curls with fingers. Apply a texturising spray and a hair spray to achieve great hold. Pull the hair up and tie it with a fancy hair tie. My gold one is from O'Twist and some shops have these as well, or you can just order glitter 15 mm fold-over elastic on eBay and check out my tutorial on how to make a hair tie. I'm sure you don't need a tutorial for this, but it's one of my favourite as well as most worn hair styles.

Hair Bow
I love this hair style so much, but you need a lot of hair to do it and it takes many tries to get it right. Tie the top part of the hair with a hair tie that is as inconspicuous as it can be (I use thin black ones). Pull a bit of the hair from the hair tie to form a loop. Split the loop into two parts, left and right, and then form a bow using bobby pins. Take a small strand from under the middle of the bow and cross it over the vertical centre of the bow tucking it behind the bow from above and pin it in place. 
Mimi's Tutorial here

I'm finishing off with my favourite treats for the season - hot cocoa with cinnamon, cream, chocolate syrup and rum plus the super yummy cinnamon stars that I embarrassingly only discovered this year (but man are they good!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day!
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