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My fellow Slovene blogger (also a youtuber), the lovely Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life, opened her own online shop called Destination Pretty. I am genuinely happy for her since I know how much she wanted it. The shop is filled with adorable beauty products as well as some dainty jewellery and scented candles. They ship internationally.
I've had a look around the shop and compiled a list of things I find most interesting. So here it is:

My heart skips a beat whenever I hear matte and lips in one sentence, and these are matte lip crayons, so obviously they sparked my interest. The shade range certainly looks lovely.

These are adorable! I'd like the mint one to match the decor in my bedroom. 

Nail polishes are never my first choice, however, I love the shades of these. There is a lovely burgundy, a pink and glitter polishes with interesting bow shaped glitter.

I'm not the jewellery type of girl, but these are so pretty and cool. I would happily wear them.

I like the look of Grapefruit Jelly the most.

Another matte lip product and I actually want every colour. Maybe not Tea Rose, but the rest of the shades look very pretty. 

Have a great day!
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