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Years ago I did a challenge: what makeup would I buy with 50 € at the drugstore? It was a fun task, but a difficult one because things aren't exactly cheap around here. I still stand firmly by my choices made back then and go check it out to see a different version of this challenge, but I wanted to make a new one that would include new products I've tried since then. In my 2013 version I included my favourite foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum as well as Maybelline's the Eraser and I would still pick both, but they are very expensive for drugstore products at 15 € and 10 € respectively, so they eat a huge chunk of the budget. Essence Stay Matt Lip Creams were discontinued, which broke my heart, so I had to choose a worthy replacement for those as well. I had nine products in the first challenge and in this new one I have twelve. Most of the products are from Catrice and Essence simply because they are the cheapest brands here and they have some excellent products that I use every day, while the rest are just getting more and more expensive.

7.69 €
I chose this foundation not just to switch it up from my previous selection, but also because it's half cheaper than Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Nude Illusion is a wonderful foundation in the drugstores and the cheapest one in my top 5. It's gives about a medium coverage, has this lovely luminous matte finish and lasts very well on the skin.  

4.19 £ (currently 5.8 €)
This category got a bit tricky because in all these years, I still haven't found a decent concealer that I could just pick up in our drugstores. I could choose Bourjois' 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream, but the coverage is only medium, so it's best suited only for under the eyes, plus I have this huge issue with the fact there is only 1.5 ml in the pen. So I said sod it and chose one of my favourite concealers, the famous Collection's one, even though it's hard to get here in Slovenia (try eBay or Boots International). It has full coverage, comes in light enough shades and can be used on both spots as well as dark circles. 

6.8 € (Salma)
So I cheated and added this one as a replacement for Collection's one since that one is hard to find. It's a euro more expensive (price is from Salma, where it's cheapest that I could find) and it's again not sold in Slovene drugstores, but at least it's sold online and in neighbouring countries. It has less coverage than Collections', but it's less thick and better suited for under the eyes. 

3.79 €
Whether you're on a budget or not, these blushes are a fantastic drugstore buy. They have excellent pigmentation, they apply and blend nicely, plus they have great staying power. Their shade range is lovely, but the one shade I recommend you to try is Rose Royce.

2.99 €
I never talk about this, but this is a pretty good highlighter. It's very glowy for what I'm used to, but I love a good cream highlighter. The formula is indeed cream to powder, well at least in a sense that it dries fast on the skin. There are two colours of this, I got the pink toned Bright up your life (similar to Benefit High Beam).

4.69 €
I admit I haven't tried a ton of powders from the drugstore, but the one thing I know is that I dislike the Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder despite the fact it's a euro cheaper. So I chose this one because I do use it a lot and it's a decent product. The colour correcting bit is a total lie, but it mattifies and sets the makeup without looking powdery and cakey.

3.59 €
I could choose pretty much any other Essence mascara because they do some really good ones, but I chose this one since it gives the most massive, voluminous and long lashes ever when it's new. It's not waterproof so it doesn't hold a curl on my lashes, but most of you don't experience such a problem anyway. Essence does have some good waterproof formulas if you need that instead.

2.79 €
Essence has a pretty good felt tip eyeliner for the price. It's nicely black, the nib is of a normal shape and it lasts quite well on the eyes. It dries out fast though and it's not as amazing as some other more expensive liners, but it's worth purchasing.

2.20 €
Basically you just need this. I use it every single day. Every. Single. Day. Even if I'm not wearing makeup. This became such a staple to me and I much prefer it to the Max Factor Khol Eyeliner in Glaze that I mentioned in my previous version of the challenge. This is a super creamy eyeliner that transfers into the waterline with ease and it makes your eyes appear more wide and awake. My shade is called 01 Highlight it...Nude and it's a pinky toned nude. Amazing product.

5.29 €
Boy did Catrice did a great job at these, especially the Matt and Nude versions. They are very pigmented, apply nicely, aren't chalky and last well on the lids. Matt is an excellent neutral, matte palette that is great for a basic, "contoured" taupe look which is just such a classic, while Nude has a lovely collection of shimmery nudes that should suit just about anyone. Whichever you choose, you'll be set in the eyeshadow department for a classic neutral look.

I was deliberating whether to include Catrice's Contour Palette or this here, since I already put Tattoos in my previous version of this challenge, but they won again because they also work as an eyeshadow base, plus they are so easy and quick to apply. I put only On and on Bronze here because this is the shade I'd choose as it's so universally flattering.

4.29 €
These are amazing quality for the price. If I compare them to the a bit cheaper Essence or Makeup Revolutions ones, these are much better quality. They have an excellent pigmentation, lasting power, don't dry the lips, don't bleed and they are very smooth. Their colour range is beautiful, but shades are discontinued and new added often, so don't get too attached to one colour. 

ESSENCE Lipliner and Longlasting Lipliner
1.19-1.59 €
So I had some money left and I just threw these in. The reality is that it's almost impossible to walk out of the drugstore without one of these (queue exhibit A). I'm not a massive fan of their "regular" lipliners as they are too soft for my liking, but that's just my opinion and just about anyone I know utterly adores these. I'm more of a fan of the Longlasting range and I love the shades Lovely Frappuccino and Yummy Berry (you'll have to dig out some extra change, if you want these to fit the 50 € budget). Both of these can easily be used instead of a lipstick and they don't feel drying at all, so they are a great way to experiment with colours. From the regular lipliners range I highly recommend you check 14 Wish me a Rose because it's a good dupe for Mac's Please Me (at least on my lips) and those who are a fan of the 90's trend, try Satin Mauve. It looks awful on me, but gorgeous on most I've seen. 

A grand total comes just shy of 50 €. The prices used are those that are set in Slovenia or online (in case of Fit Me concealer) and the price of Collection concealer is from Boots International. Some prices are either lower or higher depending on the country you're in.

12.99 €
I couldn't resist cheating yet again, but I'd be a really bad blogger if I didn't mentioned this primer. I mean what if you have a nice discount or you decide not a buy a few of the products above and you have some spare cash from those 50 €? All Day Primer is an absolutely wonderful product that is very light, doesn't feel like your skin will suffocate under a layer of silicones, it prolongs your makeup and it mattifies. It also doubles as a pretty good eyeshadow primer as well. 

4.69 €
As I mentioned above at the Maybelline's Tattoo, based on your preference you can swap it for this palette. I've only tried the light version called Ashy Radiance, but it works for my pale complexion. The pigmentation is enough for me (it's more pigmented than NYX's Taupe, which would be another recommendation of mine here), it blend nicely and fakes a shadow pretty well. The highlighter is subtle, so if you like thing more glowy, I'd still buy that Essence one.

BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Velvet 
12.99 €
If you treat yourself with one thing, pick up one of these. These are so lovely, I'm a huge fan since day one and am dreaming of three more shades. These are liquid lipsticks with a matte finish and an excellent staying power. Grand Cru won't blow you away with its formula, though the colour is gorgeous, but I would definitely recommend you check shades Nude-ist, Frambourjoise and if you're feeling brave, Olé Flamingo.

So these are my choices for this challenge. My draft of course contained more products, but I tough decisions had to be made. So what would your choices be? I would love to see your version of the challenge. 

Have a great day!
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