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If you live in our part of Europe, then you probably know it's Pust season or week. It's a time when people dress in costumes to scare away the dreaded winter, at least that's what we tell the children. It started on Saturday and tomorrow is the most important day, when particularly children wear masks and go door to door, while the rest of us eat a ton of doughnuts (#noragrets). Basically it's our version of Halloween. I'm very boring when it comes to costumes and my ideas are always last minute, so I often do the easiest thing for me - Snow White. I have dark hair, pale skin, so the only thing I need is a red lipstick, a red bow, blue t-shirt and yellow skirt, which I just have in my closet (well, I found the skirt in mum's old stuff as I'm not fond of yellow).

I made the red bow myself and it's a super simple process. If you don't know how to do a bow, I found a tutorial that shows a similar method to the one I used. I pinned the bow onto a red headband that I also made myself a long time ago (tutorial here, but you can buy one), however you can just pin the bow straight on the hair, though if you have long hair like me, you'll see further on why it's better to have an elastic headband.

Makeup is simple and very close to what I normally wear. A pale foundation is a must, I used Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia with their Chantilly concealer. Flushed cheeks are a necessity as well and I used a bright, warm pink by Catrice called Think Pink (no need to be frugal with it). I kept the eyes very neutral with white on the lids, taupe and deep brown in the crease for definition and a black eyeliner close to the lashes (no flick, so I got a more rounded shape of the eye). I have a make up breakdown at the end of the post.

I prepared three different drugstore lipstick choices. I'm wearing L'Oreal's Reds Exclusive in Blake, which is blue toned and the most expensive at 13 € per tube. Catrice has a classic red called MATTtador for 4.29 € and if you're afraid to go full on red, Essence has a sheerer choice All you need is Red for 2.49€ (another is called Adorable Matt, but more pigmented. A nice sheer lipstick choice is also Bourjois 21 Rouge Making of). You can just use a lip liner, which is cheaper especially if you don't have any reds in your collection. Essence's Femme Fatale is so creamy that it feels like a lipstick and costs 1.19 €, while Catrice has a deeper red called …040 and a Cherry on the Top for 2.29 € and Bourjois has a Ruby-Woo-kind-of shade called Rouge Soyeux for about 6 €. You can find more red lipsticks, glosses and lip liners here.


Disney's Snow White has a lot shorter hair than me, so I started by curling the hair with a 2.5 cm (1 inch) curler and left the curls tight. I proceeded by tucking the ends behind the hair band to get the Snow White length. It's way better when you do this with curled hair, so you have some additional volume and it looks more real. A few pins or hair clips here and there will come handy as well. If you're one of the girls that sports a "lob" then just curl the hair with a straightener or curler, but comb out the curls.

And there you have it -  a quick and easy Snow White. I could also add red stripes to the sleeves of my T-Shirt, but I didn't want to ruin it. 



I hope you enjoyed this post and to my fellow Slovenes I wish many doughnuts tomorrow. Have a great day!
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