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I ordered from E.l.f. UK website again after ages. They had an offer with free shipping to Europe so I bought a few bits and pieces.

I got one of their Studio cream blushes in the shade Heart Breaker, Studio pigment eyeshadow in Golden Goddess, a liquid eyeliner in the colour Copper and a Flawless Concealer brush.

Heart Breaker is a matte bright bubble gum pink shade. I actually expected it looking a bit more coral pink rather than just pink. The texture is so odd, it's like play-doh. Not creamy like Maybelline's Dream blushes, but more dry and doesn't have that slippery feeling, it's so difficult to describe. Because of the texture I find it a bit difficult to apply nicely. There are always pieces of blush that stick to my fingers. So I'm not too keen on the formula, but the colour is pretty. I don't have a colour like that in my collection. The packaging is huge and I mean massive. Way too big to fit in my plastic drawers where I keep my make up. Overall I'd give it a 3 out of 5. It's not a bad blush, but there are better from the drugstore range. I paid 7.5 € which is expensive for an E.l.f. product (it's 6$ in the US, which currently about 4.6€).

Liquid eyeliner in the shade Copper is actually a glitter eyeliner that is gold with a touch of copper. Granted the name is not the best, but the liner is really nice, especially for the price (1.7€). With one brush stroke the glitter is sparse, but just do some more coats and it looks fine. It's a nice addition to spice up the make up.

I'm on a search for the perfect gold eyeshadow. Since I'm very fair, most golds look a bit orange on me, especially when blended out. Urban Decay's Half Baked for example looks, for my taste, too orange on me to be described as a gold (I do love it, though). Basically what I want is the same shade as is Revlon's luxurious pencil in Antiqued Gold. That is the perfect gold shade that is a mix between proper gold and old gold, if that makes sense. E.l.f. Studio pigment eyeshadow in Golden Goddess is close, but still looks a touch orange when blended out. I prefer to apply it wet to get maximum intensity, the look of liquid metal. Applied wet it last the entire day and is still very intense. It's the best gold eyeshadow I have so far, but I'll keep looking. There is also a mini brush included, which is actually quite good quality. It's too small for applying eyeshadow all-over the lid, but I love it for applying highlighter in the inner conner (I finally have a good brush for that). There is a comparison with the MAC's 239 on the second picture.

And the last thing is the Flawless Concealer brush. Here is a comparison with MAC's 217.

It's actually quite a lot bigger than I expected. I'd like a smaller brush for applying concealer under the eyes, but nonetheless it's a very nice brush. In fact I've been using it loads since I got it. It blends concealer under the eyes, around the nose, on the chin and I use to dot concealer on blemishes. It's a very dense brush and super soft, so quality-wise it's brilliant. I just wish it were smaller. I'm planing to get some Real Techniques brushes in the future, but until that time it's become my every day brush.

Thanks for reading!
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