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I always told myself that this balm was certainly over-hyped to console myself at the look of the price tag. I mean it's just not normal that anyone would ask for such a price for any skincare item (an euro short of 50 €), but hey that's just my two cents. But damn it, the texture of this is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I got the small, but still generous 50 ml size in a nice set together with a 15 ml size of Amazing Face Age Support cream, a shockingly good cloth and handy travel zip bag for 25 € on Feel Unique (it's still available for 28 €). 

Texture: It's a solid oil and its melting temperature appears to be lower than that of Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm or Balm Balm Frankincense Cleansing balm as the top layer is mostly in a liquid state in my bathroom. As soon as this is rubbed into the skin it turns into oil, so it's very easy to massage the product into the skin. I don't need much of it, about a pea size or two is enough for me. By the way, I've been using it since December and I've used up about a third, a half at most of, the pot, so it should last a while.

Effect: This removes everything and I mean it. Even my Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara, which is ridiculously hard to remove. However, it does leave my vision foggy, so cleansing has to happen right before going to bed. Just like other balm cleansers it needs to be wiped off with a cloth to avoid a greasy layer of product on the skin, since merely water obviously won't remove oil. The skin is left clean and comfortable, however, though there is this moisturising layer left behind, I have on occasions suffered from dried out cheeks, which did surprise me as this never happened with other balm cleaners. This just means that I need to use a good moisturiser after cleansing. In terms of long term effects, I'm not convinced it leaves my skin in such good condition as Balance Me's, particularly because of that occasional dryness of certain areas and also my skin hasn't been as clear as with Balance me's or Good Things Manuka Honey cleaners. I could get around both of these occasional problems because the texture of this is to die for, but honestly, for a full price of this product I expect a lot of things and since something cheaper does a better job, I'd seriously reconsider splurging for this again.

Scent: I expected a heavy herbal-natural scent, which I normally dislike, but this pleasantly surprised me with a gentle tangerine-ish natural fragrance.

Packaging: is so badly made considering the price. I'm a weakling, but even I managed to crack the lid while screwing it back. But otherwise it's a standard pot just like those for face creams.

The Cloth: this is it brilliant. A million times better than regular wash cloth or simple muslin cloths (the one you get with the Balance me cleanser is ridiculously rubbish compared to this). It's dual sided with a "harsher" exfoliating muslin side and a gentle microfibre one. I used to have a similar just microfibre cloth from Müller, which was quite expensive at 5 €, so it was particularly painful when someone in my household mistook it for a dusting cloth, but it's one of those that takes the makeup off by itself due to a dense structure. I need more of these cloths because they are amazing.

Amazing Face Age Support Cream: This is a very rich and thick moisturiser. It reminds me of universal creams such as Nivea in terms of texture and of how well it moisturises, but it doesn't leave that heavy, greasy layer on the skin. I haven't used this much because my skin doesn't require such a rich moisturiser, but it does come handy when my skin feels dry. It has a strong floral, but pleasant scent.

I am torn about this cleanser. I adore it for so many reasons such as the texture, its makeup removing capabilities and scent, but I was taken aback when I noticed dry cheeks after a couple of months of use (though I fixed it fast) and I wasn't too thrilled about occasional spots either, though my skin is still clear on most days and forehead completely smooth at the moment. If it were lets say 20 € for 100 ml, I'd rave about it, but at such high price I want more and I still think Balance Me's balm is better. I'd say give this a try if you find a good deal on it because it is worth trying out (this set is particularly nice) - I am really glad I gave this a go. I would highly recommend the cloths though. They sell them in a pack of three on Feel Unique.  

Have a great day!
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