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I have 32 empties and that's just too much to cram into one post, so there will be two. I should have done this sooner, but I always had a product that was just about to run out, in fact I have many such products right now, but enough is enough, so here is the first 16. 


A classic plastic brush mascara that excels mostly in definition. Once it thickened a bit it was also nicely volumising. I liked the effect of it and I think it's a great mascara, but because it's a regular formula, it didn't hold my lashes curled at all. However, my cousin did really like this mascara when I gave it to her to try, that was at least until she heard how much it costs.
Repurchase: No, the main reason being the price.

The volume this mascara creates is insane. You seriously get the biggest lashes with this, it's just full on glam. Unfortunately, it's a very wet formula and my lashes drop in a microsecond. Having said that, I would repurchase this because I don't want to remove waterproof mascara every day and I do actually use regular formulas at times, even though uncurled lashes isn't the best look for me. This is a mascara I recommend to everyone who asks me for a very volumising formula. It's cheap, easily accessible and just brilliant if your lashes hold a curl well.
Repurchase: Yes.

I loved this. It's one of my absolute favourite eyeliners so far and I never expected it from something that looks like a kids toy. It's very black with a super smooth formula and that brush-like bendy applicator. It also lasted a really long time. Great stuff.
Repurchase: Yes. 

Either I'm incredibly unlucky or this just sucks so bad. I've never tried a worse liner than this. I thought I got a bad one because it was all dried up when I tried it at home, so I went to exchange it and that one performed exactly the same. Still pissed I wasted 10 € on this. However, I love their Super Liner Perfect Slim version.
Repurchase: Absolutely not. 

This is really good for the price. It's a classic felt tip liner, so the tip isn't as bendy as at that Panda liner, but the formula is very black and lasts very well. I liked it and it's the most affordable decent liner, so I'm sure I'll buy it again sometime. 
Repurchase: Yes. 


This was one of the first PR products I got and I ended up using it with every nail polish as a base for years. It takes too long to dry to be used as a top coat, but as a base coat I think it worked great. It protected the nails from being stained and it might have even contributed to every nail polish lasting eons on my nails, but the latter part might just be the because of how strong my nails are. 
Repurchase: I would if it were at least half cheaper.


I liked this in terms of how well it removed makeup, especially waterproof mascara, but I had to be very careful not to use it too often because it made my skin unclear. It's a bummer for me, but I still recommend this, since it probably won't do the same on you and it's very affordable. The packaging started leaking, which I wasn't terribly pleased about. 
Repurchase: No, I prefer L'Occitane's.

I liked this and I didn't like it. Complicated I know. I loved the texture of this, it is sublime, so amazing to use and it removes all makeup with ease. But the general effect on my skin was not worth 50 € (mine is the small size, though). My skin even developed some patches at one point meaning that this was not enough for my skin. Also it just wasn't as clear like at Balance Me's version or Good Thing Manuka Honey version. The packaging is incredibly rubbish for the price. The lid cracked almost instantly, then it fell apart and the pot even leaked. Just terrible. Nonetheless I'm happy I tried it out.
Repurchase: No, I got the Balance Me one again.

I didn't like this. I actually haven't used it up, but I'm throwing it away because it separated (I bought it in May). It's an enzyme peeling, so it contains AHA, however, it's so gentle, it actually doesn't do anything at all on my skin. It does smell nice though, like papaya, but warmer.
Repurchase: No.

A serum that is more reminiscent of a light lotion, so in warm months I could even use it on its own. I liked the effect of this, it made my skin look healthier, but I had to use a larger quantity than I'm used to at once. It has a nice scent of apples plus some warm base, it sinks into the skin very quickly and it has nice ingredients (even some vitamin A). The pump broke when it was nearing its end which wasn't cool. If I feel that my skin will worsen without this, I'll buy it again, but I'm in general not a fan of additional steps in my skin care (I'm a cleanser + Nuxe oil girl all the way).
Repurchase: I don't know yet. I like it, but it's expensive. 

I will sorely miss this. I could buy a new one, but it's so expensive. I had this way past its expiration date, but I'm a crazy woman who obsessively saves the good things, instead of actually using it (I really, really need to stop doing this), so it actually got a bit bad at the end (the scent became more acidic). I truly relied on this when my skin was acting up. This and Queen Helene's mask was my power combination. I'm sure you've gathered from the name that it's a serum (or concentrate. Same thing) with fruity acids (glycolic lactic, tartaric and citric acid), so it's a chemical exfoliator. I don't want to write another novel about it here, so just read my review if you want to know more, but I loved this.
Repurchase: I would, but it's sooo expensive.

My favourite lip balm and basically the only one I use (I have Labello's Peach version, but that's not exactly the most nourishing lip balm). It's not a proper lip balm, it's actually a multi-purpose stick made out of cocoa butter (plus some extra stuff). I think that after years of using this my lips have improved so much that I never need to use a lip balm during the day because my lips are never dry. Even if I forget to use this before going to bed, my lips are still fine. It's very different from regular lip balms because it's not waxy, so it's not just a coat of stuff on your lips that prevents the moisture disappearing, but this actually nourishes the lips. It looks ridiculous when you're applying it because it looks like a giant glue stick, but I love this. 
Repurchase: Already did. 

Such a rich and thick moisturiser that reminds of universal creams like Nivea or Solea. I found it a bit much for my skin, but it would work fantastically on really dry skin. Tt has a strong floral scent, so it's different from the cleansing balm. 
Purchase: No.


Just an essential that I always have in stock. It's a great quality shaving gel that does its job and is very affordable. This one has a floral powdery scent.
Repurchase: Already did.

Another essential that I always have a can of. I love this anti-perspirant despite being in a spray. It smells so lady-like and it contains some powder that absorbs moisture. 
Repurchase: Already did.

You must be tired of seeing this in my empties, but this is my standard deodorant for maybe two years now. I just like it because it's the only one so far that hasn't stopped working on me before I had a chance to use it up. I don't even know which one in a row this is, but it's probably 5th or 6th.
Repurchase: Already done.

The next 16 products are coming soon. It's some more body products, hair care and fragrances.

Have a great day!
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