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These two beauties are being or are in the process of being discontinued. While I suspect they'll at least be replaced by similar colours, I'd still be quick about it if you can find either of these shades on their stands (though, these might already be gone in most places, sorry). 

167 Candy Love

Candy Love is a brightened apricot nude. It's a bit like someone applied a thin coat of apricot nail polish over a white base. On my pale complexion it's not exactly a barely-there type of shade, like for example Essie's Spin the Bottle or Deborah 01, it's a lot more noticeable, but still a demure and understated shade. There is silver shimmer in it, however, I can barely tell there is any when it's on the nails, except if I look at it very closely. The formula is a classic pastel nail polish one, meaning that even application is difficult to achieve. Due to the thickness, the nail polish is quite pigmented and requires two coats for full coverage, however, the formula is streaky meaning that on some nails two coats won't suffice for an even application. The wide brush is helpful at getting the best result with such a formula. This nail polish barely shines even with a Seche Vite top coat. I don't know why, but it just doesn't. A large amount of shimmer is revealed during the removal process, so it's not as easy to remove as cream finish polishes, but it's not a complete PITA like proper glittery nail colours. 

175 Be Berry Now

Be Berry Now is like Bahama Mama's rosier and lighter cousin. It's one of those warm purple-pink shades that I love and definitely less purple on the nails than how it appears in the bottle, which I actually really like. The formula is a classic red-nail-polish one, so smooth and completely opaque in two coats. It's just one of those nail polishes that are easy to work with, also because of the wide brush.  

L-R: Candy Love, Off to Miami, Naughty and Pink, Juicy Love, Be Berry Now, Do you Speak Love? and Black is Back.

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