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I have to ask: when did Essence nail polishes become so good? I have a few old ones and they were nice, probably some of the nicest drugstore nail polishes, but I don't know if they were reformulated or is it just these two shades, but they are amazing quality. Without a doubt the shiniest nail polishes I've tried to date (most nail polishes don't look shiny on my nails even with a brilliant top coat. I don't know why). These look like straight from an ad even without a top coat. I'm very impressed. The formula is super smooth and easy to apply, though we could argue that every company can make a good quality red, but the black one is harder to do. I used to have the old Essence's XXXL formula in black and it was the most annoying nail polish to work with due to the thick pastel-nail-polish-like formula, while this one is a jelly-meets-cream (crelly) type of formula that is fully opaque with two (thin) coats and is just a pleasure to work with. The brush is just the right width and fits my nails well, except on my little fingers. I still don't get why Essence nail polishes have pretty much the perfect brush, while Cosnova decided to use the, frankly put, useless round shaped one on Catrice nail polishes. But that is none of my business.

144 Black is Back

A classic black with a crelly formula that is opaque in two coats. This is a great base for all of those effect nail polishes, such as Icy Fairy, I <3 Magic, Sparkle Sand and Catrice's Million Styles Effect Top Coat if you want the maximum effect (I'll swatch all those on the nails as well).

 187 Juicy Love

A classic red that is leaning more to the warm territory, but it is distinctly less orange than Polka Holga. Again it has a crelly formula that is opaque in two coats.

Colour & go nail polishes cost 1.69€. I'm so going to go check out some more shades, but usually nothing catches my eye when I stand before the entire selection. Any recs?

Have a great day!
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