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It's been quite a while since I purchased something from essence's TE, but I found a full display of Cookies & Cream TE and I grabbed these shimmer pearls. As I said in my New In post I've been on a search for a new powder and I'm considering maybe taking a plunge and buying the famous Guerlain Meteorites, so I got these essence ones first to see how I get along with a product in pearl form since I'm more used to compact powders. 

There are three colours of pearls - light pink, gold-beige and peach. Peach ones have the strongest pigmentation, however swatched together there is just a slight golden hue. The brush picks up a lot of product, but on the skin it's a very, very subtle highlighter and barely noticeable, so not at all super shimmery and there is no massive glitter. It manages to look very natural on the skin and I even go as far to use it all over the face as a finishing powder to achieve that subtle radiance or a natural glow. Though the shimmer is completely invisible in most lights, it is noticeable in strong yellow light like in strong sunlight or under artificial lights. I'd wear this all over on cloudier days or during the day indoors, but in other cases I'd just use it as a normal highlighter. 

These pearls have a scent and I can smell it when it's on my face, so keep that in mind if you're sensitive to fragrance. They smell perfumery candy sweet rather than proper cookie/cupcake sweet.

I hope you can see the swatch. Even in real life it's very, very subtle. I tried to take a photo of the effect on my cheeks, but my camera couldn't capture it.

It's a cute product that will appeal to those who want a very natural looking highlighter. It is pretty much impossible to overdo, so nice for beginners and the lovely sweet scent is a plus as well. It's a limited edition, so if you really want it you should hurry.

These cost 3.59 € in DM.

Have a great day!
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