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This is a limited edition palette from the Create & Transform My Wonder Palette trend edition, though Essence recently released a similar eyeshadow palette in their permanent selection. The collection also includes two more palettes, one with lip colours and one with face powders, so blushes, highlighters, contouring shades and the transformers. Eyeshadow palette contains 17 eyeshadows (5 are matte), 2 brow powders and 3 transformers, which are highlighting toppers with blue, purple-pink and gold reflect. 

The quality of the eyeshadows is typically Essence, which was especially apparent when I was swatching them. They are powdery, so more on a dry side and have a medium pigmentation with some fall out. However with some building up and a base they work out just fine. They blend ok, though some dark shades need extra work and they last on my eyes with no creasing or much fading for a long time. Still I want more from a palette, by that I mean better pigmentation and less powdery textures. Quality of the shadows varies in the palette, the best is that bronze shade in the top row which is softer and much more pigmented than rest, while that third shade in the top row (pale gold) and the midnight blue in the third row have almost no pigmentation because they are so dry. First two rows are better than the third and the brighter colours in the palette are quite chalky, so they need some colour base under them for a more intense look. The mint one is actually the best one, but it's overall quite a pale shade. The two brow products are matte and again more on the chalky side, while the transformers, though shimmery, are quite dry.

 The transformers.

Colour selection is quite nice. You get your standard neutrals, but also bright colours (though for those you'll need a base) and some nice rosy neutrals that are popular at the moment. The brow shades are quite limited to those with dark eyebrows and even though the left looks cool, on me it was too warm, so both will fit those with warm tones. The transformers are a nice addition and they make the palette a bit more fun. You can use them over any colour to add something extra and to change the colour. The blue one and pink one work great, while gold didn't add that much, but it's still useful. 

Last two shades in the second row, plus second to last brown shade in the from row. Lipstick is Essence's Colour Up! Shine On 10 Rosey Glitz.

Transformers over the rosy combination above. It's the last blue transformers on the right and the pink-purple on the left.

Fourth shade from the top row (bronze) with the last shade in the top row. On the lips is Essence's Draw the Line Instant Colour Lipliner 05 so un-grey-tful.

The packaging is plastic and it bothers me they made a simple opaque cover because they missed the opportunity to either add a big mirror (which would make it more expensive) or and even better idea would it if it were transparent. You get a sponge applicator and a mini flat synthetic brush with it.

 I believe palette is already available since 21. March and it costs 9.49 €.

I don't say this often, but for a non-neutral, this has quite a nice selection of shades and the transformers make it that extra special, however, I wish the eyeshadows were a bit better, as they feel too dry and some aren't that pigmented. It's still a useful palette, especially if you use a primer or at least a concealer under the eyeshadows, but nowadays there are so many inexpensive palettes, this one just doesn't stands out enough.

Have a great day!

*PR product. 
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