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Sparkle Sand Top Coat

I admit I'm not a fan of these toppers that give texture to the nails. It's just so odd to me because it feels so bumpy/uneven on the nails, though, this one does look quite pretty in person and my pictures don't do it justice, but hey I'm taking pictures with a smartphone and that's the best my three-year-old Galaxy can do. It looks very similar to the Hypn├┤se Star mascara packaging, so it's a silver sand effect. I think it looks quite glam, but there are other toppers that are prettier (yes, I'm talking about Icy Fairy). The removal process isn't too laborious if you're using a pot remover, but it's still a lot more difficult than at regular nail polishes. I applied three coats on the ring finger.

Here is another picture of on a nail wheel over Catrice First Glass Grape and it actually looks prettier.

It costs 2.49 € in drugstores, but I'm not sure if these toppers are available only on the large Essence stands or on small ones as well.

I <3 Magic

I <3 Magic is a silver holographic top coat which is quite good in terms of effect. I applied three coats on the ring finger and if I had a silver base under it, it could look like a proper holographic nail polish. It's very difficult to capture the holographic effect, especially with a smartphone, so I'm including a blurry picture which shows better the extend of the holographic effect. The removal process is easy.

21 Icy Fairy

I've talked loads about this topper already, so I'm sure you know the gist - despite the wintery name, it's galaxy effect topper and performs best over black because it has a duo chrome navy-purple base that gives that deep space effect. It's an absolute stunner and has captured my heart, which is quite an achievement, since I'm not a huge fan of toppers, shimmer and the like as I just like my nails in a uniform colour with a creamy finish (I do have a soft spot for stamping and pretty nail art, I just can't do it myself). It's not the easiest nail polish to remove mostly because of the big glitter particles that get stuck on the nails like they were glued on with super glue, but it's all worth it.

And a close-up, but as you can see I took a picture after wearing it for about five day and my nails already grew.

Both of these Effect nail polishes cost 1.49 €.

 Have a great day!
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