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I'm a huge fan of these felt tip eyeliners because they are so easy to use, there is no need for washing any brushes and they are more precise than any other liners I've tried. Basically, these just work for me and my eye shape. Before purchasing this Essence one, I had been very disappointed by L'Oreal's So Couture liner (worst liner ever) and this one was meant merely as a quick replacement or an-in-between-good-liners liner and that's really all it was. It's good and I would still repurchase it if I were in a similar situation, but it's not a favourite (Kardashian Beauty's one and L'Oreal's Super Slim are still firmly at the top of my favourites).

While exploring the selection of felt tip liners in my country (ok, I just checked DM to be honest. I was in a hurry), this one was the only one with a decent shape of the nib. The applicator is one of the smaller ones and a bit smaller than L'Oreal Super Slim's, however, the slightly rounded design isn't ideal for drawing super thin lines, but it can create a nice even line, it just takes a bit more effort and the line quickly ends up too thick if you're not careful. 

The formula perplexes me. It's nicely black and pigmented, so really no different from L'Oreal's for example and that's fantastic for the price. However, this is supposed to a be waterproof formula and I've seen some heavy smudging a couple of times, but then on other occasions, when I rubbed over the line with a finger, it stayed put. It doesn't completely survive in moist conditions like crying and it definitely disappears from the inner as well as outer corners (flicks). I've had some seriously hilarious panda eyes and then other times it just sort of crumbled off in contact with water. But otherwise it lasts surprisingly well on the lids. Today I applied it at 10 A.M. and now at almost 9 P.M. and it's still going strong with the exceptions of inner corners, but basically it looks as black as when I applied it. 

I took this picture of the applied eyeliner exactly one month after purchasing it and the tip was already so dry that I couldn't complete the flicks. There was enough colour in the base to do the main line, but the flick ended up smudgy. I know I shouldn't expect a lot from a 3 € liner, but one month is not impressive at all, though it's still useful. 

Overall I'm happy with it for the price, but it's not as good as some more expensive ones, mostly because of the shape of the nib (though definitely a billion times better than L'Oreal's Couture). It's a very decent liner that pleasantly surprised me, especially because one of their old versions was horrible and it almost completely put me off their liners. If you're on a budget or you just want to try this form of liners, this is a nice one. It costs 2.79€ in DM.

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