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So I saw this shade on the list of things that are going to be discontinued (I hope it's correct) and I've been keeping this review since December, so it's high time I post it. I'm not a fan of green on the nails, it's the most random colour to wear to me (also yellow and brown), but I picked this one up because I wanted to do some nail art (that Christmas tree design if you remember it from my Holiday Inspired Beauty post). Of course it went very wrong with this type of formula as it peeled off completely together with the sticky tape, so that was a complete waste. I'v actually only worn this shade once and even that on one hand, while on the other I had a different glitter nail polish also for reviewing purposes (things were kind of crazy back then when it came to blogging and you can see here I' actually wearing two nail polishes).

50 i feel so good is a forest green shade, so a cool dark green shade. It's a very autumnal/winter colour, so this is probably one of the worst times to post about it, but since it might be gone soon, you should hurry if you want a nice forest green for colder months.

I have a few of these Gel Nail Polishes by Essence and they quality varies a lot. 13 Forgive me is lovely, but a newer shade 63 itsy bitsy blue bikini is just awful, while 37 Serendipity is kind of in the middle. This one is closest to Forgive Me, so super pigmented (one coater), nicely smooth, it evens itself out on the nails and there are not visible brush strokes. It also has a great shine even without a top coat. The brush is wide, but luckily not too wide for my narrow nails.

I got mine in Müller for 1.69 €.

Have a great day!
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