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Floral Glam is one of the two lip creams from the Guerilla Gardening TE (the other colour is Mission Flower and a fellow blogger Taya posted her swatches of that shade here). I already did my review on lip creams here and because it's the same formula, it's pointless to write it all over again (I'm lazy I know), but I'll rather focus on the shade. 
It reminded me of Lady Danger (currently my favourite red) in the shop, not in a sense that it would be a dupe, but in the same colour family. Floral Glam is an orange based red. Compared to Silky Red, which is the red shade of lip creams in the permanent range, it's warmer, more orange and slightly lighter. It's very pigmented as the rest of the lip creams.

I swear I'm not that pale in person, but I was wearing black, plus the dark hair, so my camera had a "lets use maximum contrast" moment, which I tried to fix (the picture had even more contrast originally), but the shade of the lip cream is true.

I did a comparison of most of my reds - on the left are blue based reds (Mac's Ruby Woo, Russian Red and Manhattan's mat lipcream in 45H) and on the right orange based reds (Mac's Lady Danger and MUA lipstick in 13), with the exception of Silky Red, which is very neutral, but leaning to blue. As I suspected in the shop, it's similar to Lady Danger, but NOT a dupe. Lady Danger is more orange, however, the difference on the lips is surprisingly not that noticeable especially from far away. MUA 13 is also very similar, but less orange and more of a true red. Basically Floral Glam is a mix of the two, Lady Danger and MUA 13. However, as most lip creams it oxidises in the next hours. It turns slightly darker and is much less orange. It becomes a lot more neutral and for that reason I would refrain myself from calling it a dupe for any of the shades I mentioned. But if you love orange based reds, you'll love this shade and you should snatch it while it's still in the shops.
I hope you can see the difference between the shades, I do on my screen:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
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