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I Nude it is one of the brand new colours by Essence that has already joined their permanent line. It's an opaque cream/light beige nude shade with what appears to be tiny duo chrome gold-green shimmer, but I can't really see it when it's on the nails, rather only in the bottle and when I'm removing the polish. It's lighter than my skin tone and I'm as pale as a wall, so this won't be a proper nude shade on anyone, but it is in the that family of colours. Let's call it an off-white colour. It doesn't look as pretty on my nails as on Taya's and that bothers me a bit. It's a lot more bland on me, I think and it lacks a bit of warmth.

There isn't much more to say about this nail polish. The formula is an average two coater and as it's expected for such a shade, more on the thick side, so a standard pastel nail polish formula that tends to be streaky. I can't say much about the brush either except that it works just fine. And that's it.

These new nail polishes cost 1.99 €.
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