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Drugstore waterproof mascaras that are actually waterproof and hold a curl well are hard to find, especially if don't want to spend more than five euros, as almost all mascaras got so expensive in the past years (looking at you L'Oreal and Maybelline). But I found one and I'm really impressed at how well it holds a curl, however, it's just my luck that this is being discontinued as we speak, so you'll have to hurry if you still want it.

The formula is indeed waterproof in the truest sense of the word. It doesn't smudge one bit, instead it only crumbles under a hot shower. I wore this when I went swimming and it survived perfectly. Due to excellent waterproof characteristics, it holds curl very well, so all day. It's the best drugstore mascara I've tried in terms of holding a curl, so I will actually be sad to see this go, but I have hopes that Essence merely replaced the wand and kept the formula for its replacement. Like I<3 Extremes and Lash Princess the formula is nicely black. It is a very difficult mascara to remove and even with oil it takes some time for the formula to break down. 

The brush is plastic with long, but kind of sparse bristles and it's huge. To me it looks a bit rashly designed, I'd even call it clumsy, especially when it comes to lover lashes, but the drier the formula gets, the less of a chance of a mess it is. The brush deposits tons of product with one coat, just like Princess Lash and I <3 Extremes, so I wish the bristles were denser because now there is a danger of spidery and clumpy lashes if you apply it too fast particularly when it's new and the formula is still wet, however, the amount of volume it gives is huge. With my slow method of combing the lashes and rotating the brush, I can get some lovely results, however, I still keep an old mascara wand at hand if I need to comb the lashes for a more defined effect.

This mascara really grew on me in these three weeks since I have it and I noticed how it's getting better as the formula gets drier. I'm very impressed with the formula, especially how waterproof it is, its consequential great lasting power as well as how well it holds a curl. If it weren't discontinued I know I'd be buying this mascara a lot. If you have lashes that refuse to stay curled or just need a mascara you'd be comfortable going to the beach with, give this one a try.

I got mine in Müller for 3.29 €, but it's currently sold for much cheaper (probably 0.99 €) since it's being discontinued. 

Have a great day!
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