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It's difficult for me to properly review mascaras with a regular formula because when I use them, my lashes drop like a rock and I've just basically wasted some mascara, while it still looks like I have no lashes if you look straight on (but not from sideways, obviously. Pic of my natural lashes here). So even if the mascara is absolutely amazing in terms of volume, if it's a regular formula, it does very little for me. This mascara is precisely such a case. It's a really, really good volumising mascara, seriously top notch and it gives pretty much the false lash effect on my lashes (I have been asked once if I'm wearing falsies, but this mascara was applied over a waterproof formula one), unfortunately once the lashes drop it's very hard to see all the volume. For this reason my pictures of the lashes don't look even close to the real effect and they look a lot shorter than in real life, so you'll just have to trust me when I say that the effect of this mascara is just phenomenal when it comes to volume, it's just that the rest is not ideal for my needs. 

The brush is an interesting curvy shape that deposits a lot of product onto the lashes, but still keeps them separated enough, though I still like to comb through with an old mascara wand just to give it a more defined look. The wand is a bit long for my taste and it does make the application a bit clumsier. The formula is very black and very wet. I've had mine for a couple of months now and it's holding quite well and is only a bit dry, which is a stark opposite of that Kardashian Beauty mascara I reviewed a while back, which is now almost completely dry (I got them a couple of weeks apart, both were given to me to review, hence why they are regular formulas.)

Despite it not being a waterproof formula, I do use it on my lower lashes since I don't have a problem with smudging nor do I need them to stay curled, but it creates the doll eyes effect and it just makes the removal a bit easier. I use it often over several coats of waterproof mascara (that average performing Bourjois 1 Second one) on top lashes and it gives a lot more volume, but it does make the lashes drop faster despite being merely "a final top coat".

This is one of the most volumising mascaras I've tried so far, though I actually think that the I <3 Extreme and L'OrĂ©al Paris Voluminous in Carbon Black are actually very, very similar. It's also very lengthening, so it's a very glamorous looking effect mascara with the huge lashes, at least on me. However, due to being a regular formula and so wet, my lashes drop within seconds and the effect on me is barely visible when looking straight on. If you don't have such stubborn lashes like me, give it a go, for one it's better that Kardashian Beauty mascara when it comes to volume, but it just doesn't hold the curl one bit and if you have trouble with that like me, this isn't for you.

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