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The fact that I'm not what you'd call the biggest fan of Essence's standard lip liners has never stopped me from getting, well, almost every colour that exists, so this is the latest one - 11 In the Nude. The reason I got this one, even though it's not what's you'd described a "me colour" is that I heard it's a dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy. Petra from Adjusting Beauty clearly showed us that that was another exaggeration, probably designed to get more likes (why don't people get what a dupe is?) Any way, it doesn't really matter to me that it isn't a complete dupe, I just wanted to see how this type of colour looks on me. 

11 In the Nude looks very different on the lips from the colour of the pencil, for one it's lighter. It a warm nude with peachy tones that are probably a bit more exaggerated against my pale skin than on others. It's different from what I normally wear, but I like the change.

You may have noticed that the cap is different now. Essence literally changed the packaging overnight with no warning and it looks like they decided to change the formula too. The new formula is drier than before, it's closer now to Catrice's Longlasting Pencils. Personally, I don't mind. I've been complaining that Essence's lip liners are too creamy and therefore lack precision, however, that creaminess was the reason so many people loved them. Whether  the change was a good move, only time will tell, but I'm glad I don't have to constantly sharpen it any more.

These still cost 1.19 €, which is a bargain and I think they are still the best way to see if a type of colour suits you. I wish they had a vampy red shade in their selection, I feel that's the only colour that's been missing for years. Links to reviews of other shades I own: 06 Satin Mauve07 Cute Pink12 Wish Me a Rose14 Femme Fatale and 15 Honey Berry.

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