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When this whole 90's trend exploded, I was way out of my depth. Everyone raved about Mac's Soar and Brave, while around these parts, where we can't get Mac, it was all about Essence's Cool Nude, Come Naturally and Satin Mauve. I tried the latter to give this very coveted look a try, disliked it with passion and gave up on the trend, dismissing it as not for me. But then Essence launched a new line of lip liners, which includes a shade called Lovely Frappuccino that again became a very popular colour and after a few months of checking it out, seeing reviews everywhere and mostly because my fellow blogger Sara told me to just get it already, I finally parted from those 1.59 € and gave it a go. It turned out to be one of my favourite purchases this year.

Based on the colour of packaging, I'd never picked it up as it's one of the fugliest colour I've seen, but don't be fooled, it doesn't look one bit like that on the lips. It's a natural deep pink/mauve-brownish shade - it is actually very difficult to describe how it looks on me. This shade looks much warmer on other people than on my lips, at least judging from reviews I've seen (I included a few at the end of the post for you). On me it's a bit cooler and more mauve instead of warm brown, so it's closer to what Plum Cake looks on most. If you're struggling with such shades and colours like Satin Mauve look so draining and grey on you, Frappuccino is just for you. I've said this a few times already, but Nadja compared it to Soar lip liner and finds them very similar. 
I've received mixed responses about this lip colour ranging from "I love it" to "it's too dark for you". I've had it for about a month and it really grew on me. Yes, it's a bit dark, but I think it's still fine. I'm very late to the party with such a lip colour, but I don't care, at least I found it.

The texture is the same as at Yummy Berry that I reviewed before. It's a soft creamy pencil that resembles a lipstick, but it's not as soft as their regular liners, also it's not as breakable as Catrice's version. 

Staying power is better than at Yummy Berry which I find surprising. It survived a glass of drink, but when it came to a full meal, it wiped off just from the middle of the lips, however, since it's such a natural looking shade, it wasn't that obvious.

I'm a bit in love with this colour, it just looks like it was made with people that have my skin tone in mind or at least it's such a shade where everything just falls into right place. I finally have a 90's inspired lip colour that actually looks like one on me. So what do you think? Is it a colour for me? 

I got it in Müller for 1.59€.
Reviews from other people: Danijela, NadjaPetraSara and Taya.

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