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I wanted this lipstick for quite a while because I fell in love with the shade when I swatched it the shop the first time, but avoided purchasing it because honestly, I don't like the formula of these. I know so many people love Essence Long lasting Lipsticks, but I find them so mediocre and I'm not a fan of the formula. I have (had, actually) three other shades and I almost never wear them simply because I have so many lipsticks of a far superior quality. So, this is one of those lipsticks of which I love the shade, but the formula is very average, especially compared to lipsticks from Essence's sister company Catrice.

The formula is very light, in fact, too light, meaning it emphasizes imperfections. I miss something more waxy or siliconey in this formula, so it would make it stick on the lips more or at least a denser formula that would be more moisturising rather than just sit on top of the lips. I find that Catrice lipsticks are far superior in terms of formula and the price is still reasonable. However, I really like the shade range of long lasting lipsticks. There is one shade called Natural Beauty that I really, really like, but again avoid buying it because I know I'll find the formula disappointing and I won't wear it.

Staying power is nothing to write home about. Most shades in the range usually disappear in a few hours, this one even faster due to lightness of the colour. But the shade… isn't it just stunning? It's a warm pink with peachy tones that is hard to find if you're as pale as me, since most similar shades either look too orange or too cool toned. If you're darker than NC/W 10, keep in mind that this shade will most likely look more nude on you. The pigmentation of this shade is nice and doesn't need to be built-up much. The lipstick smells strongly of crayons, which to me it's not that annoying, but it is to some people I know.

The shade is a beauty, but I wish Essence put more effort into the formula of these. They aren't bad at all, but you get what you pay for and there are a lot of really good lipstick for an even more affordable price. If you don't mind reapplying regularly and exfoliating the lips before use, it's worth checking out.

Long lasting lipsticks cost 2.49 €.

What's your relationship with Essence's lipsticks? Have a great day!
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