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This shade and 03 Come Naturally are incredibly popular or at least they were at the time this new line of nude lipsticks was launched. While every other Central European blogger I know got one or both of these shades, I stayed on the sidelines. I did swatch them back then, but they just all looked so ashy on me, so I decided to pass on the entire Nude collection. I don't know what suddenly possessed me to finally get this shade. Those Essence's Facebook and Instagram pages are so convincing with their airbrushed images, so after much resisting for months, this landed in my shopping basket. 

Shade and finish: Cool Nude is a natural pinky-brown shade. I wouldn't say it's a cool shade, but it does have this almost grey-ish tone to it. I've seen it looking much warmer on some people (like on Sara), while on others it looks like on me. Initially I really didn't like this and I actually still think it looks a bit draining on me in some lights, but in outdoor daylight it's quite a pretty natural shade. It's nothing special though. It's close to my natural lip colour, so it just looks a bit plain. The finish is creamy-glossy.

Formula: It's a classic Essence lipstick, so not particularly impressive, at least to an experienced lipstick enthusiast like me. It's a very light, moisturising formula that is almost excessively creamy and lacks staying power. I think opinions about Essence lipsticks are quite polarised, but it's because most people value moisturising properties over staying power, however, I'm not that person.

Staying power: Don't expect much from it, but it does manage to cling on for a couple of hours. 

Scent: It has a chemical scent.

Packaging: The same classic plastic tube as at Longlasting lipsticks. I like that they decided to make it in the colour of the lipstick inside. It's very handy, when you have a large collection of lipsticks.

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller for 3.49 €, but it's sold pretty much everywhere where Essence is available. I actually had to make several trips to different drugstores to find one that was untouched, so check the lipstick before you buy it.

So I got it. Not sure it was the best decision. It's pretty, but nothing special and I'm not sure how often I'll wear it, not just because of the shade, but also because I'm still not loving the formula of these. As far as these type of shades are concerned nothing beats Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet 07 Nude-ist. I think Essence should rather include the shade from the Happy Girls are Pretty TE called  01 Pretty You in their standard line - it would make a nice addition.

Have a great day! 
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