Tips Essence Matt Touch Blush 10 peach me up! and 20 berry me up!

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Essence decided to go matte with the blush formulas. I've always considered them a company that follows trends (*khm* skilfully copies. I'm not judging), so the next logical move would be to release illuminating blushes, but I love they went into the other direction because they did an great job with these two. I'm not a massive fan of Essence Silky blushes, they just aren't the best, but these matte ones are really good. They only released two shades, but I suspect there will be more in the next update.

These are ironically a lot silkier than the Silky Blushes. They are quite hard blushes and unlike Silky Touch blushes they don't dust/flake when you swivel your brush in the pan, but the pigmentation is still good. It's not an amazing and I need to build up the colour, but it good enough. These blend nice, way nicer than Silky blushes and the finish of these on the cheeks is sooo nice. It's like they're not even powder blushes because there is none of that powdery finish on the skin. It's like your skin is actually that colour. What I'm trying to say is that they just look so smooth and well blended on the cheeks. 

peach me up!

Peach me up is a classic peach shade that brightens up the skin and it's a matte version of Autumn Peach form the Silky line. That one also looks matte on me, so there is no need to own both, but I'd pick Peach Me up because it looks prettier in terms of texture on the cheeks.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream in 53M on the lips.
berry me up!

Berry me up is a darker warm pink shade that gives a rosy-pink I-just-came-from-the-cold-flush. It can get quite intense on my cheeks if I build it up.

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream in 54L on the lips.

Staying power of both is unexpectedly excellent. The manage to last at least a full work day on the cheeks and I actually checked after four hours what they looks like, Peach me up faded only a smidgen, but Berry Me Up looked like it was freshly applied. I used L'Oreal's Infallible foundation underneath.

The packaging is not the best. It's classic Essence packaging, but the blushes aren't glued well, so I have I feeling they will fall out. The closing mechanism works fine.

I love the quality of these, the finish is just so natural for a powder blush, however, I know I won't end up wearing these two tons because I tend to wear shades like I'm Nuts About You and Rose Royce. If they ever make a shade like that, it'll surely become one of my favourites.

These cost an affordable 2.79 € and I got mine in Müller.

Have a great day!
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