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I've already made a review for these in Slovene for the other blog I write and I just assumed that not many people will be interested in reading about these here, so I kind of let it sit in my drafts. I know, not cool and now I'm thinking it was probably wrong, but we'll see. Anyway, the old original lipstick line from Essence was completely discontinued, to be fair it was ancient in Essence years and they weren't particularly good, so I don't think many tears were shed for those. They upgraded them to a Sheer & Shine line, which are actually just the old line in disguise, but with new shades, though they actually sneakily kept the most popular one All About Cupcake

As the name suggests they are sheer and with a shiny finish, just as the old ones, so they are those lip balm/lipstick-lip gloss hybrids, however, the did improve the formula a bit and I think they are better than the ones before, which to be fair didn't really set the bar that high. The formula feels light on the lips, but at the same a bit waxier than their predecessors, which should translate into a better staying power, but it's still by most standards very poor. At least they are very comfortable to wear and a nice replacement for a lip balm plus you can apply then without a mirror.

I got three shades out of thirteen: 01 my first love, 04 hidden secret and 07 sparkling miracle. I didn't get to pick the shades, so none are really my style, but that's not necessary bad because at least I get to show you something different than usual. 

01 my first love

01 my first love is the sheerest in the bunch and you need to build it up a lot to get the colour I have on my pictures. It's a very pale peachy nude shade that I'm not really feeling it on me, since concealer nude years are thankfully gone. 

04 hidden secret

When I first saw this shade in the tube, I was like hell no because there is little I hate more than a brown lipstick. Well, it sure turned out to be a hidden pleasant surprise. Built up it's a very flattering warm beige-nude and it's a great everyday school/office shade. Based on how it looks in the tube, I'd never pick it up, but it's definitely my favourite in the bunch.

07 sparkling miracle

07 sparkling miracle is the darkest and most pigmented in the bunch, but again don't expect much unless you seriously build it up. It's a fuchsia shade that I also don't dig on me as I full coverage versions of such colours. It has blue frost in it that due to the glossy shine on the lips actually isn't as apparent, but it makes the shade look cooler because of the reflect it gives. 

The packaging is plastic, but a considerable upgrade from the old "Barbie tubes". Each shade has a semi-transparent lid in the approximate colour of the shade, which is very handy. 

The have a faint scent of vanilla, or a scent that's trying so hard to be like vanilla, but ends up smelling more classic lipstick-y.

I always considered these lipsticks as more for teenagers or little kids playing dress up, but they are a good affordable choice for those who are on a budget and scared of wearing proper lipsticks or those whose lips tend to be dry a lot. I gave one once to my mom and she just said to never give her anything like that ever because it lasted 15 minutes on her lips (she's getting rather spoiled, I must say), but I didn't say that to discourage you from buying them if you'd like to get a shade or two as I'm perfectly aware not everyone wants an opaque, matte lip colour like me and even I admit that Hidden Secret looks pretty cool. 

These cost 2.20 € on Click2Chic. If you haven't gathered it from the text, I got them to review for Click2Chic blog, but I'm not asked to post about their products here as well, it is entirely my choice.

Did you get any shade of the new Shine & Sheer lipsticks? Which is your favourite? Have a great day!
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