Tips Essence Silky Touch Blushes in Adorable, Kissable and Autumn Peach

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In all my years of blogging, I only reviewed one Essence blush, oh so long ago, but I have three in my collection at the moment, two are quite new(-ish). As far as drugstore blushes go, Catrice already took the top spot on my best-of list, while Essence ones were never really on my radar. Based on my experience with the shade Adorable, which I got a million years ago, I just presumed that all the rest are very sheer and I don't have the patience to build-up the colour. Essence added two autumn/winter shades to their collection last autumn and I got my hands on both. I must say that the pigmentation is much better at both these shades.

The quality of the blushes varies from shade to shade, but in general, they don't perform as well as Catrice ones. For one I find they don't apply as smoothly and they don't last as long. The pigmentation is again something that varies, from super sheer to very pigmented. Staying power is nothing to write home about, though due to pigmentation Kissable manages to stick around longer than the other two. 

10 Adorable

Adorable is a very light warm pink shade that isn't particularly pigmented, though obviously the lightness of the shade is the reason by itself. It can be built-up, which takes quite a few layers even on my super pale complexion, but the final result is a gentle pink flush on the cheeks. Due to sheerness, it's a nice option for those who don't like strong blushes and are very pale. It also pairs up nicely with a smoky eye or red lips. 

70 Kissable

Kissable is such a hard shade to capture with my smartphone, but I think I got close enough. It's a plum shade with gold shimmer and it's very pigmented, so it should work for medium skin tones a bit better than on super pale skins. I have to be quite careful with it to avoid clown cheeks and I only need to touch the surface of the blush with a brush and apply it gently on the cheeks. Due to strong pigmentation, I find that it's not as easy to blend, but it's not terrible. It is the softest one out of the three, but in this case this isn't the best thing because I find it quite loose and this also affects how it blends on the skin.

80 Autumn Peach

This is my favourite shade of the three and such a pleasant surprise. It's something like Bourjois Nude Velvet blush, but in powder form, so it gives an adorable peach flush and it just brightness up the face. Pigmentation is somewhere between sheer and medium, so I definitely need to build it up. 

I find these very average and even if I take the price into account, I would still rather pay a bit more and get the Catrice ones. These are fun for those who either want to try blushes for the first time or just want to try a new shade to check if it suits them. I admit I rarely use mine simply because I have so many better ones in my collection.

Essence Silky Touch Blushes cost 2.79 € in Slovene Müllers.

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