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I posted about another similar shade by Essence called Serendipity a week ago and this is again another greyish colour. As it turns out, I love this one more than Serendipity and its quickly become one of my favourite nail polishes ever. As the name thermo suggests, it's not just a regular nail polish, but one at which the colour changes with temperature, or at least it should. 

The Ice is Melting is a medium, taupe grey. Nothing much more to say about it here, other than it's a typical modern minky shade that's like a new twist on the nude trend and it's a weird colour to wear on the nails, but is somehow just works so well. I like that it doesn't have much violet tones in it, since my skin tone tends to emphasize that hue.

The formula is very thin and sheer, so at least three coats are needed for full opacity, but it applies evenly without looking too thick like Serendipity, which is not the easiest gel formula to work with. It's supposed to change colour to a more purple shade depending on the temperature, but I tried it with cold and hot water, and surprise, surprise it doesn't work, but I don't care. I found it works for some people, check this German blog Cidooos Life for a picture of the change. The brush is thin, which I actually appreciate, since my nails are quite narrow, but it's not such a speedy application as at Essence's The Gel nail polishes.

I got mine in Müller for 1.49 €.

Have a great day!
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