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Originally I wasn't going to pick up any of these, mostly because I've seen on German blogs how different the colours are compared to the pictures from press releases and they weren't actually matte. I've seen swatches of these and I really didn't like this shade because it looked too grey, but when I was standing in front of the stand, the colour of the packaging looked so promising that  had to take it (by the way there weren't any testers for these when I was there). While it doesn't look as grey on me than on some I've seen, it's still a much cooler shade than the packaging indicates, so I'm really undecided if this is a good colour for me or not.

Texture: It's very similar to that LE lipstick pen from the Wake Up, Spring collection. It's waxy, but still silicone-y smooth and it applies nicely without tugging, however it's not super pigmented like some pencils from other brands like Maybelline and Golden Rose. These are semi-matte, so a creamy type of matte that doesn't look chalky or dry.

Colour: Peony Star is a cool pinky-mauve shade that is quite light and it's very close to my natural lip colour, just a touch cooler and a bit more grey. I'm still undecided about this one. It drains my face of colour, but it's not as terrible as for example Essence Plum Cake liner. 

Staying power: It's from Essence, so it's not terribly impressive. While that LE from Wake Up Spring was finally a step up, this one is again very average as is the norm for Essence lip products. I get can get a few hours of wear proving I don't eat or drink, otherwise it just wipes off.

Reviews: Cool Nude, Plum Cake and Satin Mauve (old formula). 

Packaging: A jumbo pen that needs to be sharpened. It fits the classic Essence sharpener.

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller for 2.19 €.

There are better formulas than these. Yes, these are cheap, but so are Golden Rose's and those are really good. The formula is nice and comfortable to wear, but it could be improved with some more pigmentation and lasting power, actually I would just use the same formula that they have in their Longlasting Lipliners - those have a great velvet matte finish and nice pigmentation. Peony Star is the type of shade that should look warmer on darker, warmer skins than mine, but I've seen a lot of swatches and on most it looks cool and a bit greyish. I'm thinking about getting Luminous Rosewood from the Glossy range that might fit me better.

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