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I love the old Stay Matt Lip Creams. Love. And Essence being, well, them, went ahead and changed the formula. Or at least it's a different formula just for this shade. I just can't wrap my head around it. Coral Mousse is a new shade that was launched when the originals were revamped, but I've only recently picked it up, because it wasn't available in my country. Honestly, I expected more.

Texture and pigmentation: It is oily. Where has the creaminess of the originals gone Essence? Or is it just this shade that has such a slippery formula? This particular shade also never dries to a matte finish and it stays creamy as well as oily on the lips. Why did they put a label Matt Effect on it if it's clearly a creamy liquid lipstick? The pigmentation is actually lovely and it's nicely pigmented with one swipe. At least they got one thing right.

Colour: It is completely different of the lips than in the tube. In the tube it looks darker and pinker with almost no peachiness. But on the lips it's clearly a peach shade, well, a desaturated peachy-pink-nude. It's a very decent everyday shade that is kind of a your-lips-but-better, but in a peachy way. Obviously, on anyone that is darker than me (NC/W15) it will look lighter.

Staying power: It's ok, but not as long lasting as the deeper shades of the old formula. It stays on for a number of hours, but disappears completely if you eat or drink.

Packaging: It the same long thin tube as of the rest XXXL line and has the same long flat applicator, which I find clumsy.

Price and availability: I believe this shade is only available where those 3 m long Essence stands are. It cost 2.25 €.

I like the colour and it's a nice every day shade that will appeal to a lot of people, but I'm a bit bummed about the formula. It's not bad, but it's not like the old Stay Matt Lip Creams, at least the dark shades and the staying power is a lot poorer, however, it could just be because the shade is so light. Nonetheless, it a decent buy if you're on a budget, though for a truly matte and long-lasting option go for Bourjois Velvets.

Have a great day!
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