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Similarly to Mint Candy Apple, Fiji has a special status in the beauty community. I have to admit, I never got the hype. I mean it's an off-white pink, so what? But so many people adore it and highly recommend this shade. Actually, I didn't buy this myself, but my cousin got it and found that this colour doesn't suit her complexion, so she asked me if I want it and put it on my blog. Isn't she nice?

Fiji is a very pale milky pink with a creamy finish. That's it, a nude-pink nail polish. I still don't get what all the fuss is about to be honest. It's pretty, but rave worthy? Nah, not really. Apparently this looks great with a tan, but I wouldn't know that since I am very pale.  

The formula is a pastel from hell. There I said it. It's like Mint Candy Apple and Fiji are these evil pretty cousins that make you spend applying nail polish way longer than you planned to. It's a thick formula that is also runny, so when you go to apply it on the nails, it messes up everything around. At least three coats are needed for a decent even finish. The brush is lovely and fits my nails perfectly, but what does that help when the formula is behaving like a little disobedient child.

Ok, I might be thoroughly spoiled by gel formulas, but it's 2015 people. Essie you need to let go of these old school classic pastel formulas. Even Catrice, which is less than a third of the price has better behaving pastels. When I was swatching this for a review, I applied three pastels in a row and this one was a nightmare compared to Catrice's CC nail polish.

So tell me, any one of you a die hard fan of this shade? Do you also find the formula hard to work with?

Essies cost 9.90 € in DM.

Have a great day!
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