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I've recently done a post about my current obsession with chocolate/cocoa scented products (click) and in that post I mentioned I had a coconut craving sometime in the Spring. I had a very definite type of coconut scent in mind. I wanted something very sweet and creamy, similar to Raffaelo. It turned out to be quite a task, despite the fact there is a lot of coconut scented products. Most of the things I tried either didn't really smell like coconut at all or it was a very synthetic version of it. But I remain positive, there is a lot more products to try. So here are the things I have, I'll do sort of a quick review style on all of them.

Yves Rocher's Noix de Coco line was on the top of my list after reading very positive reviews, but it mostly left me disappointed. I've already done a review on all of the products here and here, so I'll be short.

Noix de Coco Malaysian Coconut Silky Cream 
It's a nice body cream, but not for dry skin. It's very silky, light, thin (almost liquidy) and sinks in fast. However, the scent is not what I expected. I barely smell any coconut at all. The scent is actually very similar to the Lush Sympathy for the Skin, kind of light milky scent. The packaging is extremely impractical and I hate it with passion. I also had the lotion version and it's basically the same thing just in different (more practical) packaging. 

Noix de Coco Malaysian Coconut lip balm 
(not in the picture)
Apart from the scent, which is one of the best coconut scents I tried, it's just not worth it. It's not moisturising and the packaging is very impractical. The opening is way to small, so the only way to get the product out is with a lip brush and I just can't be bothered. 

Noix de Coco Malaysian Eau de Toilette 
I was a bit too harsh about this fragrance in my original review. I said it smelled a bit plasticky in the beginning, but now I don't get that at all and it's become one of my favourite fragrances. It's one of those where I don't really have to be in the mood for such a scent as I always like it. It's a very nice coconut scent, I'd say straight up coconut, but not too sweet and not at all artificial. People compliment me a lot when I wear it. It's very cheap, I got mine 100ml for 9€. Bargain! And it lasts so well on the skin. Not all day, but a long time nonetheless. If you're on the market for a nice coconut scent, give it a go.

Balea Deospray Cocos 
a cheap deodorant that I bought on a whim. The scent is a bit artificial coconut, but quite nice. My mum really likes it. It's quite a strong scent and it does last. An ok product for the price.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine
 I'll start with the fact it doesn't smell like coconut at all. It smells like hazelnuts. It's a treatment for hair ends, basically solid coconut oil and some little extras (it doesn't have any silicones). It's quite thick and you have to warm it up quite a bit between your hands and then apply it to your ends. It's smooths it out and gives shine. It's very greasy and heavy, so I'd recommend it to those with very dry hair (or at least ends). It's not my favourite treatment (actually I prefer regular coconut oil), but it's very handy to carry it around.

As I said there is a lot of coconuts products out there, but the ones that caught my attention and I hope I might get a hold of them sometime in the future are Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion range (supposedly a mix of coconut and vanilla, so exactly what I've been looking for) and the Coconut range from The Body Shop. (Images by Google)

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