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This month has been all about fragrances for me. Particularly the sweet, fruity cocktails like fragrances by Escada. They are just perfect for this time of year. I have most of their summer LE, the small bottles (which contain 4 ml) are Pacific Paradise, Rockin' Rio, Sunset Heat, Ocean Lounge and Moon Sparkle, the big purple one is last years' Marine Groove and the yellow one is the newest Taj Sunset.

It's been another very minimal make up month for me. I just don't feel like wearing a lot of make up now. Mostly I used only ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator (it's excellent for under-eye circles, review is here) and when I felt like I need something more I wore Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. The latter I absolutely love. I wouldn't describe it as a foundation, maybe the term tinted moisturizer is more appropriate. I'm one of those people, who really dislikes full coverage foundations. Personally I want that my skin still shows through and that the foundation doesn't cover up my freckles. HM serum give the most natural results, it literally looks like your skin but better. And I love the floral-fruity scent it has. My review can be found here.

Beside the illuminating pen, I only wore either Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Soft Matte bronzer (review here) or Maybelline's Dream Touch blush (swatch here) to give some healthy sun-kissed glow to my cheeks.

The last thing is the Essence Sun Club Shimmer Skin Body lotion, which I think I discontinued. It's a body lotion that has a bit of self tanner in it and of course some shimmer (which is not even that apparent. In fact it's a very lovely subtle shimmer.) I bought three of these last year, when they cost a euro per bottle (bargain!). Once I bought one and used it a couple of times, I ran back and got back ups, because I wasn't sure if they're going to discontinue it or not. It's amazing, especially for the price. It's sinks in really fast and gives a subtle colour after about three uses and the best part, there is almost no sun tanner scent (It does develop after about about 4-5 uses, but it's really mild). I use it to prolong my fake tan from St. Tropez mousse. I use St. Tropez once a week and than every day Essence lotion. Works like a charm.

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