Tips Forever Repurchased #1

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I'm starting a new category of posts that will feature products I've repurchased and/or I keep repurchasing. I  realized I actually have a ton of such products, I guess I'm a creature of habit or just very loyal to products I love. I already have five posts ready that I'll post in a very sporadic fashion and each will feature a handful of products.

What a mouthful! This is product I've been using for three years and it's like a light oil that it's excellent for dry hair (I mean a silicone-oil in a spray, much like Orofluido Sahara, but lighter or got2b Öl-La-La). I use this every time before I use either a curling iron or straightener and spray it all over the hair concentrating on the ends since they are the driest part. It sprays a fine and even mist, so it's very easy to get it evenly on the hair. Because of its oily texture, it instantly smooths the hair, gives tons of shine and makes it look very healthy. In the typical Tigi fashion, the sweet apple-pear candy scent is lovely as well. One bottle actually lasts me very long, so it's not that expensive in the long run. 
By the way, prices really vary for this. I find that Beauty Bay, All Beauty and Online Beauty Buys (on eBay) sell it cheapest.

There is nothing particularly exceptional about this oil, however, it's packaged in the most practical manner and it's very affordable. I use it for moisturising the body, hair, taking off make up and shaving. It's a light oil, though still greasy, but it doesn't take ages to sink in. The only thing I'm getting tired of is the coconut muffin scent, I'd like it more if it smelled like the pure coconut oil, so next time I'll take a different version (there are three more scents).

I must be getting really boring talking about this product again, but I've been repurchasing it for three years and I've gone though countless of bottles. It's the best make up remover that feels like water and removes make up fast and efficient. Garnier's is lovely as well, but slightly less effective.

This body butter was first released as a part of LE, but I think they recently made it permanent which I've over the moon about. It is my favourite body moisturiser ever. It smells like ripe peaches/peach yoghurt - a scent I adore and they recently started selling the body mist as well, which I'm dying to get my hands on. It has a hard consistency, but it still applies nicely and it's definitely one of the most moisturising body products I've tried so far. Love it!

Have a great day!
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