Tips Forever Repurchased #4

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This is a very old favourite of mine. Actually I've repurchased it numerous times and there have been rare occasions that this wasn't in my conditioner stash. Currently, I have the 500 ml salon size with a pump that is super handy. It feels quite light, which is the total opposite of how I typically like my conditioners, however, despite that it is moisturising enough for my dry hair. There are two areas that this excels at -  shine and scent. It gives by far the best shine out drugstore conditioners I've tried, but keep in mind that this line was designed for brown hair and my hair is dark brown. The scent is divine, like a mix of coconut and caramel, but not sweet rather a bit more sophisticated blend. This is the only conditioner/mask after which my hair smells nice for days as normally my hair never retains the scent of the conditioner or shampoo I use for more than a few hours.

I've been using many other cleansers for the past few months and I haven't come round to repurchasing this just yet as I need to use up most of the stuff I have, but I must say that I miss this cleanser so much. This was the best cleanser I've ever used, I bought two in a row, which is very uncommon for me when it comes to cleansers, but that's what happens when you find the one. Unfortunately, it is not a budget cleanser, so I searched the drugstore ranks to find something similar and nothing comes close. My skin felt so good when I was using this and it looked its best. It's a balm cleanser which just feels so luxurious on the skin, though this one has small oatmeal scrub particles in it that provide a very gentle exfoliation. 

A standard in my bathroom. It's cheap, comes in many scents (though they are mostly limited editions) and the formula is superb. Basically, it's a gel that transforms into a thick foam that really sticks on the skin and provides enough slip to allow for a comfortable shave. Great stuff for the price . 

Ok, I know it's the Star version on the picture, but it doesn't matter because I'm referring to the Hypnose formula rather than different brushes. This is one of the rare formulas (one of two actually) that is capable of keeping my annoyingly stubborn eyelashes curled all day. It's also volumising and lengthening, so my lashes look so good with this. It's expensive, but well worth it if you have the same issues with keeping the lashes curled as me. 

Have a great day!
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