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I never owned a blush palette before, so this was exciting, but I also never tried any of these "cheap" blushes and I have to report that they pleasantly surprised me. I got the pink version of the palette (a few other versions exist), so it's a different direction from my usual natural, warmer pinks and peaches. 

There are seven blushes in the palette, three are matte, three have a bit of shimmer and one is super shimmery, plus there is a highlighter as well. Cool pinks dominate the palette, but I think the real stars are the warm reddish-pink, the peach and the deep reddish-plum one. Let review these individually, blushes on the cheek correspond to the text bellow the pictures.

1.row 1. blush - a light neutral pink. Looks pink on the cheeks, so nothing surprising there. The pigmentations is nice. It's just a cute looking blush

1.row 2. blush - this looks very intimidating bright pink fuchsia in the pan, but the pigmentation is the least impressive in this palette. It's actually lighter than the one above it. They look about the same on the cheeks
1.row 3.blush this is the winner for me in this palette. It's kind of a muted warm pink and it looks so pretty on the cheeks. The pigmentation is very impressive and it's a soft blush.

The highlighter - oh sweet heavens, who thought this was a good highlighter to put on the cheeks? It's so shiny you need sunglasses to keep you from going blind and I'm pretty sure the aliens can track the signals that bounce of the cheeks. It's an almost white, cool toned pink, which is another minus, so this doesn't get points from me. There is no way anyone can wear this, sorry. It looks way less shimmery in my pictures than it's in real life.

Highlight blush - Swatched it looks so intimidating, it's a cool toned pink with intense violet-blue reflect, so another sci-fi shade, however, on the cheeks that shine is not as intensely cool toned, though it definitely won't work on warm skintones and it gives a nice pink-berrry flush with that glowy effect. But moderation is advised at this colour.

3. row 1. blush -  a cool toned pink with some gold shimmer. It's no different on my cheeks that the two other pinks, but the quality is nice.

3.row 2. blush - this is a stand out shade, a peach in a predominately pink palette - I like that they did this. It's a classic peach shade, very pigmented and soft, so all in all a nice one.

3.row 3.blush - the darkest and most pigmented in the bunch. It's perfect for medium-dark skin tones, but I need to use a very light hand at it. The quality is similar to the peachy shade, so really good. 

If I say one complaint about these blushes it that I feel like they don't blend quite as well as most I tried, but it's not such a big deal. They all last well on the cheeks. 

It's a surprisingly nice palette. Some shades are really similar, but most are nice quality. The highlighter is a massive miss, but the blushes are lovely. 

Slovenes can get Freedom Makeup on Lič for 8.95 € and international readers can buy it on Freedom Makeup official website.

Have a great day!

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