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For years I wanted a proper glitter eyeliner. I've had them before, but since Essence is actually the only brand that does such products here (that I know off), I only tried theirs, which I always considered not glittery enough. I also had an E.l.f. one which didn't quite impress me either. All of those are long on the makeup graveyard, so last year I went in search for a new one and since Golden Rose is the new comer in Slovenia as well as very decently priced, I picked up one of theirs. They have several colours available and a metallic version too which is very praise worthy.

I picked up the shade called 103. I wanted something gold, but this one isn't ideal because I much prefer more bronzy/green types of gold and this one is very yellow. It's made out of thick, small gold glitter that sparkle so beautifully. When you dip the brush in the product, the first swipe will give you an almost fully opaque streak of colour, but the product quickly runs out from the brush, so you have to dip it again often. I would advise you wait for a bit before going over the line of the product again as working to quickly will shift the glitter, making it less intense. If you're patient, it's very easy to get a full opaque glitter line. I've worn this in my holiday inspired beauty post and of course, I did wear this for New Year's Eve, how could I not, but's hardly a product to wear for the office. 

 Jordana Modern Matte 01 Matte Bare on the lips. It's a big picture and if you click on it, you'll see the liner better.

It lasted very well on me and I noticed no stray sparkles on my cheeks, so it holds well, but on the second day when I woke up I noticed my eyebrows were extra sparkly, since I removed it with a cleansing oil and it must have caught there when I was rubbing it all over the face.  

The packaging is plastic, despite that metallic looking brush cap - it's just painted. The brush is very thin and precise, but as I said before, it doesn't hold a lot of product.

I got mine in Citypark's Golden Rose stand for 3.10 €. I really want a silver one to. A black one would be awesome as well. Also available are emerald green, light blue and dark blue.  

Have a great day!
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