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From what I was told about Golden Rose when I asked about what's worth checking out, I gathered that their lip products are the bomb. I was particularly recommended to try their matte lip products, so their Velvet Matte lipsticks and these Matte Crayons. I said in my New in that I got a few e-mails and messages from readers and friends about really dark, plumy shades and I wanted to find really affordable options, not just that I could share my finds with them, but of course also for me as I didn't have a proper really dark vampy shade. I picked up two of the darkest shades, 02 and 03, later I also got 05 to swatch as a loan from my cousin, who bought it not knowing the brand.

Texture: These are very creamy for matte pencils and are similar to Maybelline's Color Drama. There is no annoying dragging with these, they glide on the lips just nicely. The formula is actually a bit creamier than their Velvet Matte lipsticks, which is perhaps a bit unexpected. Even though they are in a pen form, I didn't get that precise, crisp edge with these. At most shades that would be unimportant, but when it comes to dark shades you'd want the nicest possible application, so pick up a lip liner for these. They are nicely pigmented, but you might need an additional layer to get a full impact of colour. The finish is quite a decent matte, but still has a bit of the creamy shine. These do transfer.


02 is a deep burgundy red that is very similar to Mac's Diva, but a bit more cool, so if you ever looked for a cheaper alternative here you have it. Shade 23 from the Velvet Matte range is basically the same. 


03 is a deep plum with some brown tones. I must admit it was not love at first sight, as anything purple or brown tends to look awful on me, but I gave it a shot since I have nothing similar and it's deeper than 02. It's not my favourite on the lips. I feel it lacks some vibrancy and red tones. Shade 29 from the Velvet Matte is its equivalent. 


The last shade, 05, is a classic burgundy colour that is a shade lighter than 02, but closer to a true red than that one. 

Staying power: I can't say these are the most long lasting lip products, especially considering how dark the shades are that I picked, but it's still very decent and these will last hours one the lips. They can also survive drinking, but at eating the edges are the first to go. If your lips tend to get dry during the day, you may find these drying, though they aren't actively drying, it's just the the formula isn't providing any additional moisture or care.

Scent: I notice no scent. 

Packaging: These need to be sharpened. It's good because you'll get more precision, but bad because it's one of those annoying chores and you lose some of the product each time. However, I've used these several times so far and haven't sharpened them once. Ingredients here.  

Price and availability: These cost an affordable 3.90 € (price in Slovenia) in Golden Rose shops/stalls.

For the price these are pretty good. The texture is nicely creamy, pigmentation is good and they last decently on the lips. If you're looking for cheap vampy shades, now you know where to check, but they also have a nice selection of more natural looking colours. I don't quite get why so many shades are the same as in their Velvet Matte range, but at least you have an option of choosing between the two. 

By the way, Jasmina from Makeup Arena swatched most of these here and a comparison with shades from the Velvet Matte range is here.

Have a great day!
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