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H&M is not known for their make up line though it's not that modest especially abroad. We get only occasional bits in Slovenia and these lip tints were placed at the registers (H&M Citypark LJ). There were a few colours to choose from, I remember a blue toned pink and one was red. The warm pink caught my eye called Raspberry red. 
Texture: I wouldn't call them tints since that usually means a product with a sheer but long-wearing texture, however, these are actually very pigmented liquid lipsticks. The smallest dot of product goes a long way and it's really hard to wash it off the skin if you swatch it. This type of texture plus the small nozzle applicator means that you need a lip blush to apply it, especially if want a nice precise look. You can apply it with fingers if you're skilled, but mostly it looks too messy.
It can be used as a blush and it gives a cute pink flush to the cheeks. 

Shade: warm, bright pink. Such warm pinks are rare since most are very blue toned that's why it got my attention.

Staying power: Based on the fact it took a lot of soap and water to get the swatch off my hand, I expected great staying power, but for some reason this doesn't last long on the lips. It starts to fade within an hour even if you don't eat or drink. After a few hours on a faint trace of colour is left. So staying power is not impressive.
 As a blush:

Packaging: A soft tube with a small nozzle. It holds an impressive 12.5g of product.

Price and availability: I found them at the registers in H&M and they cost 3.95 €.

It's a cute product with great pigmentation and a lovely shade, but staying power is a disappointment for such a bright colour. Still, I wouldn't dismiss them if you come across these lip tints in H&M, maybe the red one's staying power is better, I actually have a mini H&M red lipstick and it's fabulous.

Have a great day!
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