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And the award for the most over-dramatic advertising goes to -  Kérastase (owned by L'Oreal):

“The alchemy of four precious oils to beautify hair. A new legend is born, the secret of magnificent hair is revealed.”

*Facepaw* Alchemy? Legend? Secret of magnificent hair? Give me a break. Who comes up with these things? It’s a hair product not a trailer for a fantasy blockbuster. Let’s keep it real, please. But let’s focus on the product.

Packaging: A clear plastic bottle with a pump. It's good for travelling, not only because it's plastic, but also because the bottle is light. It has a pump that dispenses the product nicely and in small amounts, so it's easy to pump out the desired amount. Because the bottle is clear, it's better to keep it stored in a dark place to protect it from sunlight.

Ingredients: First two ingredients are silicones as with all of these hair oils. They are followed by corn oil, argan oil, camelia oil and pracaxi oil. The rest six ingredients are fragrances.

Scent: It has such a gorgeous scent. It reminds me of some high-end fragrance. It's a floral-coconut-amber scent that I think is most universally appealing out of all hair oils I tried. The fragrance is not too intense or in anyway offensive and doesn't last very long on my hair. This is one of my favourite scents out of all hair products I ever tried.

Performance and Results: It's very light, runny and feels most silicone-y like. The colour is clear. It's very much like the rest of the non-argan serums. I needed to use quite a lot because of the lightness and I used four pumps before blow-drying on wet hair. During, my hair felt more unruly than with the rest I tested, but the end result was about the same. My hair felt very light and bouncy, also shiny and silky, but my ends felt a bit dry, even after I applied some more on dry hair. Because it's so light, it doesn't kill the volume, making it great for those who want a sleek result, but wish their hair to retain some volume.

Here is the end result. I know the second picture is bad quality, but it's the only one where you can see the ends, which could be better, but the rest of the hair felt really nice.

Where to buy: I bought my travel version on Feel Unique. It's available in 50 and 125ml version. You can buy it in selected hair salons and online (eBay, HqHair,  Look Fantastic, ...)

I'd say due to it's lightness, it's most appropriate for those with oily/normal hair. I have dry hair and it's not enough moisturising for me as it still leaves my ends dry. I can't guarantee you that it won't be too heavy if your hair is oily, but I'd be surprised if it would be, because it is very light, especially if you use only one pump. This is very expensive for such a light product and I can't get pass the fact that the highest oil ingredient is the cheap corn oil. I think there are a lot of cheaper drugstore dupes in terms of texture, but if you feel like splurging it's still a nice product and the scent is gorgeous. I would refrain myself from calling it legendary, though.

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