Tips Hair Oils Series: Osmo Berber Oil

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I bet a some of you are thinking: Osmo? Where did she find Osmo? I've never heard of it. Well, I never heard of it until a month ago when I started this test. It was reduced on Feel Unique, so I decided to try a sample size bottle. This one kind of shattered my theory that all oils are good, since it proved to be the most problematic.

Packaging: a dark glass bottle with a pump (100ml version), but with a clear label so you can still see how much is in there.

Ingredients: Three silicones followed by isopropyl myristate, argan, coconut, avocado oil, oxybenzone (sunscreen, a controversial ingredient, here disguised by an alternative name), fragrances and colours.  Isopropyl myristate helps absorption and lessens the greasiness.

Scent: It's a sweet scent. In the bottle, it smells to me like cherry candy, just like Nyx Mega Shine lip gloss. On my hair it smells exactly like strawberry and vanilla tea. Doesn't stay at all on my hair, not on wet nor on dry hair.

Performance and Results: It's very thick, the thickest out of all I tried. The product is clear with a slight pink hue. It's hard to get a small amount because of the very thick texture. I had quite a few problems with this oil. When I tried it the first time, I used the usual amount I use with other treatments on wet hair. During blow-drying my hair feel greasy and I thought that perhaps I didn't rinse my conditioner well enough. The end result looked ok, but my hair felt very weird, like there is to much product. I washed my hair the next day because of that, but this time I made sure I rinsed off my conditioner well and used a smaller amount of oil. Unfortunately, the result was the same. My hair felt heavy and odd, but it looked ok. It looked shiny, there was less frizz and my ends were moisturised. However, all changed after a few hours. My hair became really dry, and not just the ends but everywhere. I'm not impressed by it. It's too heavy and drying at the same time.
The first picture was taken on the first day, right after washing my hair. The second on the second day. As you can see my hair looks a bit dry on the second picture.

Where to buy: I got it on Feelunique.

This is my least favourite one. I find this oil problematic not just because of the results on my hair, but also because of ingredients. Argan oil is only the fourth ingredient, which means there's only a few drops of it in it. It managed to make my hair greasy and dry only a few hours later. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone. I don't hate it, but there are much better products on the market.


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