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I'm back! And I accumulated quite a few new things in the past weeks as you can see from the first picture. I will feature the eyeshadows, L'Occitane oil and lip stuff separately shorty. But, first lets start with the Escada Taj Sunset shower gel. It's was actually on sale in Műller otherwise I wouldn't buy it. If you read my posts regularly, you probably already know how much I'm loving Taj Sunset fragrance this year. It's a great summery tropical fruit scent (it smells like mangoes), I've been wearing it loads this summer. The shower gel has the same scent, however for my taste it could have a stronger scent, it is a bit weak. The texture is thin and very runny, personally I prefer thicker shower gels. It's a nice product if you like the scent, but honestly it's not worth a full price.

Balea Young released a new (LE?) shower gel and deodorant Traum Geschöpf, and they smell freaking brilliant. They smell like ripe peaches - just yummy. Both are super cheap, I think the shower gel was a bit under a euro, I'm not sure about the deodorant. The scent of the deodorant lasts at least 7 hours, which is pretty impressive in my books. The shower gel is again a bit thin, but for the price still great. I highly recommend these if you love the scent of peaches (I just adore it).

Essence released loads of new shades in the Colour&Go line and 79 Viva La Green is one of them. It's a medium mint green colour with cream finish. I find the consistency of the C&G nail polishes to be one of the best, especially for the price. Here I'm wearing two coats:

Müller in Novo mesto finally got a Catrice stand (and Misslyn)! How lucky are we! However, I restrained myself and bought only one nail polish and a cream eyeshadow. This is 020 Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower from the Ulti-mates Nudes collection. It's a very light beige with a cream finish. You get almost full coverage with three coats. The brush is bit bigger than usually, actually I find it pretty handy.

Here I'm wearing two coats in the left picture and three in the right:

Thanks for reading!
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