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I've gone a bit fragrance crazy recently as you may have noticed. But I found this great UK based web store that offers fragrances for really low prices. I ordered all three fragrances and some S Factor stuff from and they all arrived in four days (although one package is still missing, but I blame our post service. Fingers crossed it arrives soon!). After loving my Euphoria for so long, I just wanted some more sweet and young and candy like scents (I was a bit inspired to go in this direction after I purchased Escada Magnetism, which I absolutely adore), so I picked  three 30 ml bottles of Britney Spears Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy and Jessica Simpson's Fancy. Apart from Fantasy I never had the chance to test the other two so I purchased them in blind faith I might like them. And guess what - I do.

Midnight Fantasy is actually my least favourite out of the three, but still I quite like it. I adore the dark blue packaging (dark blue is one of my favourite colours) and I love the crystals adorned bottle. I know many find it a bit tacky, but I really like it. The scent is the least sweet out of the three, I get mostly fruity notes rather than vanilla. On me it smells like a mix of blueberies, plums and sour cherries, the drydown is a bit more vanillary, but it is fresher and more sour than the original Fantasy. It lasts about a half of day on me.

Fantasy is my absolute favourite. I like it almost as much as my beloved Escada Magnetism. I don't like the pink bottle, but that's not really that important. What's important is the super lovely sweet smell. The funny thing is that about three years ago I picked up a bottle and tested it and it smelled horrible on me (everyone agreed), but now it's so lovely (again everyone agree, lol). I guess my body chemistry has changed. On me it smells of kiwi and lichee mixed with vanilla and white chocolate (the dry-down is more vanilla and white chocolate that fruity), just super sweet and candy like. It lasts longer than Midnight Fantasy since it is a stronger scent. I think I'll wear it all year round, I really don't find it too sweet even now when we have 35 degrees weather. My cousin pointed out that Magnetism and Fantasy smell the same to her, but to me they really don't. I mean they are in the same floral fruity gourmand group of fragrances, however Fantasy is sweeter and doesn't have those green and caramel notes that make Magnetism so fantastic.

Fancy is the strongest out of the three. Initially I smell apricots and pears mixed with vanilla, but the dry-down is a darker vanilla scent with caramel. It not super sweet like Fantasy, it more sharp. I do get a hint of flower notes (gardenia and jasmine). Staying power is really good, it lasts almost a day on me. I find the bottle quite pretty, but the box with Jessica's image is a bit much. I find Fancy a bit strong for summer, it more appropriate for autumn/winter/spring time than summer. 

Thanks for looking!
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