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I'm sure you've heard of MUA before, but for those of you who haven't, it's a affordable line of makeup based in the UK. I think of it as an equivalent for American E.l.f. or German Essence. Anyway, they had an offer with a code for 40% off entire purchase and I couldn't let it pass. This is my first experience with MUA brand and I must say it's not bad. For one they send me five nail polishes for free, but more on this later. The package arrived quickly, something I wasn't expecting, especially since I was sure they will be swamped with orders because of the offer. I took a lot of pictures of the products and the haul is not that small, therefore I decided to make three separate posts. I hope you don't mind. 

Here is a link to their store and I suggest you like their facebook page to be informed of the offers on time. 

As I said before, I got five nail quake polishes for free. The shades from left to right are: Quiver (cobalt blue), Broken Arrow (purple), Shattered Ice (silver), Shiver (beautiful coral pink) and Jailbreak (black). As a base I have the silver holographic nail polish by Depend, except on my little finger where I have   Essence 63 Purple cherry (discontinued).

I have a confession to make. I dislike crackle polishes. In the last two years that crackle polishes are all the rage, I never even considered trying one. Honestly, I don't find the look of cracked nail polish appealing or pretty at all. I was kind of happy that the crackle craze was finally dying down. But hey, now I have five. And I still haven't changed my mind. However, I do really like the shades they sent. If any of nail polish experts out there is reading this, can you please recommend me dupe shades for regular nail polishes? Mostly I would like to know a dupe for Quiver and Shiver, please.



Broken Arrow

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