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You may know I already have the lip Swatch Gallery for a couple of years now (you can find it under the banner). Some months ago a reader bisa asked me if I plan to do a nail polish swatch gallery, so here it is. It's added at the end of the Swatch Gallery and you can go check it out any time. I also plan to update it regularly, just as the lip swatches and the pictures as well as the text below are links to the original reviews. I didn't include discontinued shades because that would be pointless, except for one Essence one because there still might be bottles of it left and I kept a few limited editions ones as they can probably still be bought online. Essence nail polishes have been reformulated, but the shade names are the same, so I presume they also are the same colours. There might be a few nail polishes that aren't sold any more, but I couldn't be bothered to investigate for each which ones have been limited editions or discontinued.  

Any caught your attention? I bet you though I have more mint shades. I do, but they are discontinued or limited editions.
Have a great day!
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