Tips If all my makeup disappeared, what are the first products I’d buy?

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I was going through my makeup collection the other day and I started thinking what are the absolute essentials that I would run to get in case something happened to my makeup. Let's just hope it stays safe, though I have some hidden stashes in other places than in my vanity, but was able to very quickly make a selection of products that I can't imagine a "classic, simple made-up Mateja look" to be without. All of these products are from my local drugstores, so nothing is from online (though I'm not sure about one product), everything is available to quickly shove in the basket in the most common drugstores in Slovenia (so basically most of Central Europe as well) like Müller, DM and Tuš Drogerija. Side note, I don't use anything on my eyebrows and I don't use powder that often, so I don't consider these things as my essentials in case you start wondering why there's nothing like that in my selection.  

Notice I didn't pick foundation? Well that's because this concealer looks better on the skin than any foundation I own. It is basically invisible on the skin, but offers about medium coverage (it's not for heavy-duty acne covering) and it has a natural, skin-like finish. The lightest shade is perhaps a bit dark, but I can pull it off and I love the design of the packaging which is a simple tube with a doe foot applicator. It even smells great. As much as I love this concealer, I suspect that if I used it every day as foundation it would last long, so at one point I'd grab my favourite foundation Healthy Mix Serum too.

This is just my absolute favourite everyday colour ever. It just works so well with my colouring and gives my lips some colour plus definition without looking too flashy, too dark or too pale and since I'm a matte girl at heart, it ticks that box too. It also last well on the lips, which is something I value a lot when it comes to lip products. There is no way I'd pick anything else first, though I truly love Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick in 12 and theBalm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed too.

I talk about this a lot on my blog and for a reason. It's cheap, but it pretty much does the work of a high-end mascara. It gives a lot of volume and length, it's truly waterproof, so it holds the curl well and it doesn't smudge. In terms of definition it could be better, but it doesn't clump up the lashes. 

I know most of you don't wear waterproof mascara that often and to be fair, I don't wear it daily either. I actually found a very good regular mascara that I wear a lot and I would repurchase because it's almost as good as a waterproof one, since it manages to lift the lashes half way and of course it does all the usual things, so gives me a nice amount of volume, length and definition. The mascara that managed to impress me: MAX FACTOR Voluptuous False lash Effect Mascara

Eyeliner became an absolute must for me. I can go without foundation, concealer, even mascara, but eyeliner definitely does the most work when it comes to my eye shape. I consider myself as having a pretty bland face, so I like to define my eyes which makes me look more alert, less sad or blank-faced and more awake. These pen eyeliners are by far my favourite because they are so quick and easy to use, but not at a lot in our drugstore have a nicely shaped applicator or a good, black formula. So far, the one that I'd pick in a hurry would be Superstar by L'Oreal because the formula is truly excellent. The applicator is a big, so it's hard to do thin lines, but it's a great shape for doing flicks. Of course, I'd actually prefer the original/regular version of Superliner, but we don't have it here.

Though I could live without eyeshadows, I'd still pick this one simply because the shade is so pretty for my colouring and I just love the formula of these. They are right behind Kiko's when it comes to quality, pigmentation is great, they look smooth on the lids because they don't have shimmer and they last pretty much all day on my normal eyelids. She's Got the Mauve is a quite unique shade in the drugstore ranges, as it's a taupe-violet shade that goes great with cool/neutral skin tones and blue/grey eyes.

This is my Nude-ist for the cheeks. I've loved this shade since the day I got it, I rave about it constantly and I will continue to do so because it's a great quality blush in my "life colour". The shade is difficult to describes because it doesn't fit into classic pink/peach/bronze categories, instead it's a mix of almost everything and it's like a muted rosy pink natural shade that gives the cheeks definition without overpowering the look. Though it says it's illuminating, it has a matte-satin finish and it lasts well on the cheeks. They've changed the pattern on the blushes a long time ago and I still haven't had the chance to compare if the shades are still the same.

ECOTOOLS Blush Brush 
Ok, here's the thing - I'm not completely sure these are still sold here. They used to be in supermarkets and in Tuš Drogerija, but now I have no clue.  Regardless that Catrice blush would need a brush and this is my favourite. It's soft, but dense enough to pick colour, it's a nice tapered shape and is just in general well made. If you can't find it anywhere, they have these on Lič or iHerb.

While I don't consider nail varnish a necessity, this is a shade that makes my nails look polished, besides nude shades hide a lot and are appropriate for any situation. I just love everything about this one - the nude, muted rosy-violet shade that works so well with my skin tone and the fantastic, smooth and long-lasting formula that applies so much easier than nude shades with a classic formula. I already told you it's the "most borrowed (*kmh* stolen)" shade in my stash and it's for reason, as it suits almost everyone.

I'd love to hear what are your core products and what you'd buy in a pinch. Have a great day!
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