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If you spend any time watching Youtube tutorials, praises of this mascara may not have escaped your notice, but it's not just individuals singing it praises, it also has a very high rating on Makeup Alley where is very uncommon for a mascara to have a rating above 4.0. I'm not one for regular formulas, I say that so often that I have a feeling someone will write it on my tombstone one day, but I wanted to test this one because I thought some might be interested in it. 

Wand: It has the most basic, old school wand that really doesn't look like anything special. But to me, these are some of the best ones (like at Lancome Hypnose). It's not the best at defining, it's more for volume, as is usual for such brushes.

Formula: This is the type of mascara that performs well from the moment you open it. It's among the wetter formulas and it gives a lot of volume and length, but gets even better as it thickens with time. This is a mascara for those who love massive lashes.  Because it's so wet from the start, there is bound to be some mess, so application should be done with a bit more care and very importantly with patience to avoid any clumped bits. Pieces don't fall off during the day, it doesn't flake nor smudge (after it dries on the eyelashes), but don't cry with it. In general it stays on well. It doesn't manage to keep my lashes curled, though I heard some reviews say it's good at these thing, but my lashes drop almost immediately with this one, as I expected considering it's a regular formula and a very wet one at that. The best regular formula mascara I found that isn't a complete disappointment when it comes to holding lashes is Physician's Formula Va Va Voom.

I get the hype of this mascara. It's a volume bomb, just like some Essence mascaras and its very affordable abroad. It's very basic looking, but it delivers. Since it a regular formula it's also easy to remove. After over a month it's still quite wet, meaning it will probably last a very long time, however, it is still a bit messy, so not a mascara I would put on in a hurry. 

Have a great day!
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