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A couple of months ago I reviewed a bunch of Jordana's Matte lipsticks and recently I got another shade called Nude. I already raved about the formula of these, they were even a part of my Best Buys under 5 €, though the packaging might deceive you into thinking these aren't that good, but they are honestly not that far off from some shades among the Mac Matte finish line. I expected Nude to be completely different based on swatches online and that's the reason I didn't pick it initially, but I was so wrong because this is one of the prettiest nude shades I've tried. 

Texture: I talked about the formula of these in my previous review, but let's go again - these are thicker lipsticks, as is usual for matte finishes, but still creamy enough for a nice, even application. The colour is fully opaque and this one has a more creamy-satin finish than matte, which when it comes to nude shades is a plus if you don't want the lip colour to look chalky. I don't find these actively drying, but they are not moisturising, however, on my lips this does not present itself as a problem. I find these comfortable on the lips and as far as I read reviews on Makeup Alley, an overwhelming majority feels the same way, but as I always say, it also depends on in what condition your lips are.

Colour: Nude is a beautiful neutral nude with an equal amount of pink and peachy tones. I compared it to my nude shades and the closest shades would be Mac's Patisserie (a bit peachier) and Mac's Peach Blossom (a bit pinker, also similar to Mac's Hue). It's actually more like a perfect mix of those two shades. As I said it's not chalky or dry looking on the lips, but if your lips tend to be dry a lot, play it safe with a layer of lip balm under it.

Staying Power is comparable to Mac's matte formula, so good, even this light one lasts some decent amount of time, but I didn't check in hours.

Scent: As at the rest a simple fruity-vanilla scent that isn't strong. 

Packaging is the only thing that isn't impressive at these lipsticks. The packaging is seriously cheap. It's very fragile, so don't plan on carrying these in your bags. However, it's the product inside that matters and that one wins hand down. I'd rather have a cheap packaging and a great product inside than vice versa. 

Price and availability: All of mine are from Click2Chic where they cost 2.60 € (I got them to swatch for their website). International readers can get them on official Jordana websites (US and EU), Beauty Joint and eBay. 

For the last three or so years, you don't really see me with a proper nude lipstick often. I'm so pale such shades usually wash me out, but I'm really digging this one. It's a simple colour, not too light, nor too peachy or too cool pink and isn't chalky. If I decided to wear a nude shade in the past, I always grabbed Mac's Peach Blossom, but I think this one might replace it or it will at least receive an equal amount of wear.

Have a great day!
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